Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st Day of School

Today is Hannah first day of Kindergarten. Dropping her off was harder than I had anticipated...I started crying as soon as I walked out of the room and I can't seem to stop. She has grown up so fast. Molly started school yesterday but only had a half day. She is at a new school this year as we moved to different school district but I think she is going to really like it. This will be Hannah's only day this week as they are having the kids meet in small groups until Monday when they will go all day everyday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


Molly got her lower braces today. She goes back in about 2 weeks to get an upper expander to increase her jaw size to correct the crowding she has with her teeth. It will take about 4 months for her jaw to be corrected before she can get her upper braces.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's been a While

The girls and I are back from China. So thankful that I got a chance to take Hannah back to her original SWI and share some of her culture with her. We had a great time with our team in China. I took about a thousand photos but have only so many I can share on my blog. Enjoy
Great Wall is a Challenge
Cute shot on the Great Wall

The Great Wall is steep and is a work out
The girls & I on the Great Wall
Hannah and I on the very busy Great Wall.
Hannah at the Great Wall with the Olympic theme in the background
The girls and I at the Forbidden City
Waiting for our our guide as she went to get Hannah some mint for her raw throat
This is in the Forbidden is a 4 star toilet...I didn't go in but I can just guess it stunk
Our guide Lilly and us at the Great Wall

Hannah and I on the Great Wall
Thumbs up for something Hannah would actually eat
One and only time on the trip Hannah ate some Protien...and it was this big huge rib
The team at the Yangtze River in Changsha (3,915 miles long)
Statue of Chairman Mao in his home city of Changhsha
The girls and I by the Yangtze River
Hannah insisted on taking my photo on the squatty potty
Squatty potties...suck but I couldn't resist a photo. Thank God you can't smell through the internet.

Tuckered OUT

Molly with our guide Lilly and the SWI director
Spoon Wars
The Chenzhou team...first mission team to visit the orphanage
Hannah with the SWI director...she is the woman that put Hannah in my arms nearly 5 yrs. ago
The team painted faces on the last day. As if Molly didn't already stick out in China
Molly with the Asst. SWI director
Molly as the Joker
Hannah with one of the nannies. Our timing was off as the nanny the cared for her was not there to see Hannah because she had just had a baby.
The girls at the entrance of the SWI (Social Welfare Institute ie: orphanage) This building also housed older Chinese folks...kind of like a retirement home for people without family.

Girls loved doing the chicken dance

A couple of the girls on our team organized a fun time of dancing with the fun.
One of the Nannies looking at Hannah's referral photos. They all remembered her and were so excited to see how well she is doing. All we had to say was this is Chen Wen Shu and they got great big smiles and hugged her. She was the first child to return to the orphanage.
Hannah became fast friends with the oldest girl (12).
Molly and I ate a pigeon egg and it tasted like a sweet egg yolk

Room where Hannah's crib was

The old Chenzhou orphanage just behind the new one...this the building where Hannah was
Gate to the old orphanage where Hannah was abandoned at 1 day old
Molly with our guide Lilly and her nephew Carrie
Hannah with her favorite baby...she looked a lot like Hannah as a baby and was very content
It was so danged hot everyday...Hannah just about melted
Molly with her favorite baby in the toddler room.
The new Chenzhou was gorgeous
Hannah in the baby room
Molly and I loved the chicken feet...they were like a sweet buffalo wing with lots of bones
Chicken feet...Molly and I had them for breakfast everyday
Molly's first experience with chopsticks and it was a bowl of noodles...challenging

Boarding the plane to Changsha