Saturday, September 26, 2009

gotcha day

Gotcha Day video

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gotcha Day

We are celebrating Gotcha Day. It was 4 years ago on Sept. 26 when our baby Hannah was put in our arms. I love taking a photo each year on the anniversary to see how much we have changed. This year's photo was fun because we have a new daughter that was able to take the photo.
Gotcha 09
Gotcha 08
Gotcha 07 (photo taken in our jammies because dad had to work really late)
Gotcha 06
Original Gotcha Day Sept. 26, 2005

We are so thankful for our baby girl. She has been the biggest delight from the day she was put
in our arms (mine were screaming after that first day...0lbs t0 17 lbs. in one day). God is good.
I am trying to post the video from gotcha day but not having much success.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Photo

Molly got her school photos back today. I think she is so dang pretty. But I might just be biased.

We have really stepped up the discipline with Molly lately. Her behavior had gotten so disrespectful we had to do something. We took all electronic privileges away for a whole week and each time she talked back or stormed off mad she lost another day. Taking away the electronics has worked so well. She understood that she had to quit yelling at us and respect us. I'm not kidding her behavior has improved 95%. We come home from school and I put her to work cleaning or we all do a project. She is such a happy girl since TV has been taken away. I think she just enjoys spending some quality time with me but I do know she still wants to watch her TV. I say this as today was supposed to be her 1st day with 1 hour of TV but she messed up and she lost another day. She was excited after school thinking she would get to watch TV once we were home and I said "No TV". She instantly was upset and tried her best to control her anger (which I was so impressed with....our system is working). Once we got home she looked at the calendar that we marked what days she loses stuff she loves. She cried and acted out so I told her that cost her 1 more day of no TV. I then sent her to her room to clean it and she did and by the time she was done she was little miss happy. So this is my question for other mother's that read my blog. Do I just take away TV all together?

As for Hannah she had her first field trip with her preschool today. It was to a local park and I'm sure she had fun. She made it perfectly clear that I was not welcome on the trip.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunflower Day

It was Hannah's turn to be leader at preschool today. The leader is in charge of bringing treats and it was sunflower day so we made sunflower cookies last night.
Hannah loves Mrs. W. (do the cookies look like sunflowers????)
Aunt Becky was in town and Hannah was so excited to take her to preschool.

Tomorrow the kids have a field trip to a park. I told the teacher I could help out but Hannah informed me when we got in the van that I was not welcome on the field trip. She said "Mommy you will just take my car seat into the school because you are not coming with us." WHAT???? It was such a funny moment. She is only 4, but very politely expressed that she didn't need her mother around cramping her style. How ironic that I have a 10 yr. old that wants me at every function.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Upward Cheerleading

Molly got her Upward cheerleading uniform at practice tonight. She is loving it!!!
Maybe I'm biased but she is a beauty!!!
Hannah will join the Upward cheerleading ranks next year.
These two girls love each other to pieces. God is Good!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


The girls and I and their Aunt Bonnie all went to Mary Poppins this weekend. It was an awesome production. It was a little bit different than the movie but may have followed the book which I have never read. We all loved it.

The Curtain on the stage

The Theatre is absolutely beautiful...check out the gorgeous chandelier.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day

Hannah attended her 1st day of preschool. She has been telling everybody she sees that she is going to be starting preschool at Sonshine & Rainbows and finally the day came. She was so very excited and loved every minute of her class.

Molly was excited for her sister's 1st day of school but a little jealous of Hannah's cool backpack.
Hannah's little cubby at school
Hannah won't have any problem with the Pledge of Allegiance...she has known it since she was 2. Check out the video below.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Munchkin Run

Run Munchkins Run!!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy New Year Ethiopia

They are celebrating the New Year right now in Ethiopia (year is 2002). The following is a description of how they traditionally spend the day.

Selamta Every One!
Melkam Addis Amet lehulachin - a Happy New Year for all of InI!

Celebrating the Ethiopian New Year Ethiopia celebrates New Year’s Day in its own colorful way. The Ethiopian new year begins on Maskaram, corresponding to September 11 on the roman calendar. New Year’s Day marks the end of heavy rain and its associated dangers. Floods are over, and there is no more fear of thunderstorms. The foggy, gloomy climate gives way to a bright one. Fragrant flowers cover the muddy fields. Greenery is everywhere, and there is no shortage of food. The Maskal birds that migrated during the rainy season re-appear. Hibernating frogs come to the surface and sing.

On the eve of the New Year, children leave their homes to assemble in groups. With the traditional song Abebaye hoy (Oh! My Flower), they herald the New Year to village inhabitants by going from house to house. Carrying special grass called engicha, mixed with adey abeba (fragrant wild flowers), children knock at each home in the village. They sing and present the grass to anyone they find at home or along the way. The people to whom the song is addressed do not immediately respond; instead they listen to the New Year’s message
for a considerable time. The song continues until the person gives presents to the children, such as dabbo (homebaked bread) or coins. After receiving the gift, the children bless the giver, saying, “May the Almighty God bless you with longer age!”
After performing the evening’s festivities, the children return home to begin the lighting ceremony. Each member of the family fastens together small sticks to serve as torches. In the late evening, family members light their torches
and raise them into the air, while others run around the house and touch the ground with their torches, accompanied by ululation. This ceremony is believed to chase away the old year with its old spirit, and welcome the new. If you look at a rural village from a distance in the late evening, you would see that it looks like a sky full of stars.

Early in the morning on New Year’s Day, families go to the river to have a bath. It is believed that New Year’s water is holy water. People go to the river early in the morning to bathe before birds or other creatures “taste” the river. It is also believed the water cleanses evil sprits that might have been in the community in the past year. With a clean body and new spirit, people put on new clothes. Depending on the family’s economic condition, sheep or chicken may be slaughtered. In wealthier families, sheep are bought in advance to be fattened for the day. Poorer families group together to buy and slaughter a heifer or bull, and share the meat.
New Year’s Day is a time when children are full of joy. The day satisfies their physical and psychological needs, and liberates them from the fear of natural calamities, for there is little or no rain. Children also know that in three days, schools will re-open and friends who have not seen each other during the summer vacation will meet again.

On New Year’s Day, families invite each other for lunch or dinner. In each house, villagers eat and drink Tella, a locally brewed beer. A coffee ceremony follows. At the end of the ceremony, elders bless the children and other family members. This marks the end of the celebration of the Ethiopian New Year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We had a great time at the AW African families reunion!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Headed to Branson

We are headed for Branson, MO this weekend for a reunion with other AWAA families that have or are in the process of adopting from Africa. So excited to meet these families that have shared this journey with us. Not excited about the loooooong drive. We are going to leave after Ron gets done with work today and drive down to Sioux Falls spend the night and then tackle the remaining miles in the AM.

Molly LOVES school. She actually is upset that she will miss school tomorrow because of our trip. She also doesn't understand why there is no school on holidays (Labor Day). Today is picture day and I was able to talk her into wearing an outfit that I liked (she is very head strong). She has been getting up early everyday to do her hair (very particular about her hair) but this morning Ron woke her up at the she has been requesting and she said "No not 7". I have no idea how she knew it wasn't 7 because she has no clock in her room. She finally got up, got dressed came down with her hair a complete mess. What is she thinking...this is picture day. I took her back upstairs and put a ton of conditioner in her hair and combed it out. She then decided that she would take over and fix it the way she wanted. She wears her hair so many different ways and she always looks like million bucks. Today's hairstyle was different than any that I've seen her in before...not sure it is my favorite but she seemed to like it.

OK that's all I have time for...many things to get done before we leave. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend.