Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Weekend

Took the girls go karting...Molly loved it!!!! Hannah's always up for a thrill.

Enjoyed annual outdoor church service where several kids were baptized...very cool.

Hannah enjoyed the bubbles she got during the children's minute
Molly and Hannah ended the weekend playing some games on the computer

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun at the park

We had fun at the park this evening.
Molly finished her 1st week of school. It went well for the most part. Her ESL teacher did call me late this afternoon to let me know about a few issues. Lunch time is the main problem. Not surprised by this as it has taken months to convince her that she does like things she says no to at first. This might take some time but until we get to know what she will eat at school we will send a lunch with her.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hannah Relaxin' in the Sun

Hannah and I spent some time relaxing in the hot sun this afternoon...finally warm temps and the water park is closed
Hannah decided she needed her shades and a book
She loves this Spanish book we got in Mexico. She also loves her Mandarin one that is kind of similar

Just a quick update on Molly. She is loving school. She told me she has lots of boyfriends. We had the best night and morning (today) since she has been home with us. Yesterday morning was a different story. She didn't like the outfit I had picked for her (she doesn't really know how to match up clothes) and it was just a big melt down (picture a 3 yr. old). She was totally mad even though I gave her other choices. Oh the drama. She finally dressed in something I suggested but was not happy when she left the house. We all get together as a family and say a prayer before Ron and Molly leave for the day. It must have worked because she acted unhappy when I picked her up but came around before we got home and was totally fine the rest of the night. This is where it gets funny to me. Molly has been allowed to watch a lot of TV this summer as I know it is a great way to learn English. I know this to be true because we had a foreign exchange student a few years back and he didn't speak much English when he arrived but was very fluent by the time he left. He told us it was because of TV. Anyway back to Molly. I decided now that she is in school TV time will be limited so I let her watch about an hour after school and then I turned it off. I thought this was going to be very ugly as she loves to watch it. I told her it is time for you to do some chores around the house and put her to work cleaning. She was so happy and went to town. She was like a cleaning machine and I am kind of a control freak when it comes to cleaning but I was totally impressed at how thorough she was...Oh boy is this a win win situation for me.

The other thing that has made a difference in her behavior is that I found a way to get her to eat breakfast (or rather drink it). Since we have been home she has not been interested in eating breakfast. This really bothered me once she started school. One of my YG friends suggested smoothies. I now give Molly a yogurt/fruit smoothie in the morning and after school. What a difference this has made. I believe part of her bad behavior has been low blood sugar.

Toe update. Pretty soar today because I did a 15 mile bike ride last evening. It felt so good to just get some exercise...but I think I over did it. I don't care because the JOY of the bike ride is well worth the little pain today.

Gotta Run (you all know I can't) Molly has soccer practice.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Surprise your Man

This is too Funny!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Day

Molly had her first soccer game this evening

My bad toe injury

Hannah's loves her dance class

Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday/1st day of School

Molly started school today...loved it except the getting up at 7AM
I love my girls...
My birthday ended in a bad way. I took Molly to the water park after our feast (more about that later) to do the water slides one last time before the park closed for the season. I ended up with one big ugly mess with my big toe. I went to urgent care today and it is not broken but the bad news is that it is way worse than a break as it involves the joint and may never heal completely. This photo was taken about a day after I injured it. I will share a photo on my next blog post of how bad the bruising and swelling got. My Dr. said I might not be able to run again. So frustrated.
Ron preparing my birthday feast (grilled shrimp and the last of our fish from Alaska.
My card from my BIL. It cracked me up because as I received a few cards but a ton of greetings by e-mail and FB.
Big B-Day hug from Molly...she is the best hugger
Smiling through the toe is so hurting at this point.
The girls made me cards...I will cherish them forever.
I guess Hannah my little prophetess was trying to warn me in some way that I would have toe issues. She put all these stickers on her toes just before we left for the water park. (If you would like to know why I call Hannah my prophetess leave a comment).

Gotta go fix some supper,

Saturday, August 22, 2009


My friend Merleen braided Molly's hair yesterday

Look at the remotes Molly needed to keep herself entertained for almost 2 hours

Merleen brought her daughters and the girls had a blast
They are so cute!!!
Where's the smile...OK she has been sitting for almost 2 hours I would be sporting this look too!!!

The finished product

This is the Molly I love

This is the Molly I sometimes get (you know I will use this photo when she graduates HS). She really wasn't being nasty but kinda messing with me. I still think it is funny.

How stunning are these two???

Gotta go as it is my birthday and the celebration dinner is about to begin. Will share photos with my new digital tomorrow.

BTW: Molly has lost her two eye teeth this week. In ET they the children throw their teeth on the roof and a bird comes and takes it and another bird brings them a new tooth.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Hannah had her last gymnastics class last night. My life is IS SO BUSY with these girls and if you know me I love to take photos. So on this blog entry I will just share some photos of Hannah's last gymnastics class.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fair Photos

Hannah had her last gymnastics session tonight but will post the photos tomorrow as I have so many fair pics to share. I love my new camera (birthday present...thanks Ron).

The girls had a blast

Here comes Hannah
Molly loved all the rides and slides

Ron and I were able to go on the Big Wheel while the girls entertained themselves on rides
Ron got a little anxious with me rocking the seat trying to see if I could find the girls

I loved this ride!!!! And I really like the following photos of it.