Sunday, May 31, 2009

Water Park is a hit!!!

I love Molly's Diva hair

She is waiting for a water bucket to dump water on her

Hannah and her silly pet rock she had to bring home with her

I am so happy to say the water park is a hit with Molly. I was so worried that she wouldn't like it as she doesn't seem to like being outside. But I took the girls last evening after supper and she was absolutely giddy as we entered. She was so excited to get her own pass with the name Molly Rovang. She had so much fun and said to me on the way home "mommy I love you water park". She ventured out all on her own and actually did the fastest water slide (I call it the bullet as it just shoots you out and it is dark and you don't know when you will enter the water). She didn't do any of the slides today but braved the big huge 40 gallon bucket that dumps out on upon the crowd. They both love the lazy river and found it quite funny that mommy got extremely wet was their goal to get my hair wet...and they did and I was not happy but Oh Well...they had fun at my expense. We ended up leaving because of the weather.
Our church is now on the the summer schedule meaning no more Sunday School and we can now go back to the contemporary service that we all love. It was Molly's 1st experience and she loved it. She actually clapped and made an attempt at singing some of the Praise & Worship songs. I asked her if it sounded like Mama's van and she smiled and said yes.
God is Good and I thank him so much for both of my girls.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Orphan Film

Our agency sent out the following information about a film that is scheduled for release this summer. I was in tears as I watched the trailer...this will have such a negative impact on the adoption of older children. It made me so sick to my stomach.

There is a horror film being released on July 24, called Orphan, about a family who adopts an older girl who "is not what she appears to be." The film is currently being promoted, and the trailer is available at . The adoption message is extremely negative, and plays into the stereotypes of adopted children, particularly older children, as damaged.Though we have not been able to preview the entire movie, the trailer leads us to believe the movie will send a horrific message about adoption. The adoption community is protesting the release of the film. We urge you to contact the makers of the film, as well as your local movie theater chains, with your concerns.

Feel free to copy or adapt the sample letter below.

To whom it may concern:
I want to express my outrage about the release of the movie Orphan. The film plays into the stereotype of adopted children as damaged and dangerous. It discourages families from pursuing adoption, particularly adoption of older children, who are especially in need of loving homes. As an adoptive parent, I am horrified by the line in the trailer that "it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own." Adoption has often been misrepresented in the media, but the previews for this film are unbelievably offensive. I urge you to change the promotional materials, and to consider holding the release of the film altogether.

Contact information:
Warner Bros.
4000 Warner Blvd.Burbank,
CA 91522

Silver Pictures
4000 Warner Blvd. 90
Burbank, CA 91522-0001

Time Warner Inc.
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016

I pray this movie doesn't get released.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doctor Visit

Molly had her doctors appt. this morning. She is in the 90% for height so she will be the tall Rovang. Her doctor is a beautiful Iranian woman that made Molly feel very comfortable. Molly did have a pretty good build up of wax in her right ear. The Dr. cleaned out as much as she could but some of it was too deep and we will have to give her some ear drops before visit next month so she can get the rest of it. She was kind of funny and asked Molly if she could hear better. The Dr. told me that Molly's BMI is perfect but also wanted to warn me about nutrition. She said AA people have a high rate of obesity and to make sure we instill healthy eating habits with Molly. This has been pretty easy as Molly loves fruits and vegetables and doesn't really snack and never overeats.

The really bad part of the visit was as you know the shots...and there were five today. Molly knew she was getting them...she kept holding her arm last night saying "mommy 5 marfe (Amharic...pronounced murphy). It was REALLY BAD!!! The poor nurses felt so awful they had to put her through this...they said when she speaks English better they want to apologize. She actually tried to escape from the room. We finally got her to sit on my lap and I and another nurse held her down (not easy...she is strong and I was shaking...mommy heart hurting so much for her). Once the nurse started sticking her she actually settled down a bit. I know that the thought of a shot is way worse than the actual shot. Once the shots were done Molly was instantly her pleasant/happy self. Me not so much...I was very shaky for almost an hour after...I hate seeing my child in such a state. When we left the clinic she thanked the staff and said goodbye.

The staff and Molly's Dr. were so wonderful. From the moment we entered the office they were so nice. Molly entered before me and the receptionist said "you must be Molly". They all told her how beautiful she was. We got taken back right away and I heard them talking about our other daughter (Hannah...adopted from China) saying what a doll she is.... I don't know these people but our adoption of Hannah was in the local news paper and we live in a small city and Ron's office is in the same building. Molly's Dr. was really interested in hearing our story...and told me several times that she was so impressed by us adopting...and especially an older child. I shared as much as I felt comfortable without knowing her faith. But the truth is God was completely in charge of both of our adoptions. And we are thankful...


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Molly had her hair in three pig tails today and decided to remove them and results were funny. She wanted me to "take picture" (her words). I may be biased but I think she is so pretty...and I love her rock star hair.
She talked to our interpreter friend (Almaz) who informed Molly that she would be going to the doctor in the AM for a physical. Molly seems to be a bit concerned about shots...but in a funny way. She just looks at me and gives me this funny look while holding her arm. She'll be just fine. I think she was happy to hear that her doctor is a female. She said to me "doctor girl". But I was glad that Almaz explained to her that it is OK that female doctors examine males and males doctors examine females. This woman is so lovely to help us out.
Molly is now on the phone with one of her friends from ET that lives in Denver...I don't know if this a good idea. Her friend just visited the doctor today and got several shots and who knows what else done. Molly's reaction to what she is hearing while I type this is very dramatic. Just pray for Molly at 9:30AM...I know it might be a little traumatic for her...but I am glad she has a heads up.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do blondes really have more fun????

This is how Hannah dressed herself this morning. Funny girl!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Holiday Weekend

Molly had fun with her Aunt Bonnie this weekend (Hannah did too but I didn't have a good photo of them all as Hannah is a big goof ball)

We had a fabulous weekend. Molly has really done well the last few days. She talked to Almaz (interpreter) last night. Almaz told us that Molly is a very sweet girl and that she is very happy and loves us very much. That made me feel sooo I have felt like such a failure these past few weeks. I just need to accept the fact that her tears are not about me but her own grief. She has gone several nights with no tears so I know she is really working through this adjustment. I actually gave her a bath last night and washed her hair with a new shampoo. Her hair has gotten really dry so I really needed show her how to wash her hair properly and put a conditioner in. I love her big wild hair...I don't think she is a fan but I LOVE it.
We went clothes shopping for Miss Molly yesterday. Ron's office gave us a really sweet card signed by the whole staff with $150 to spend on Molly. We were able to get some really great bargains at Target. We saved $58 buying mostly sale and clearance items. She was so happy and loves to shop. I bought her and Hannah matching nightgowns...they were both very excited about that...and slept in them last night.
Get this....Hannah who is 4 yrs. old came up to me yesterday and said "Mom I need a makeover". What???? How did I end up with two very girly girls???? I am so not a girly girl. Maybe they will convert me...but I doubt it.
We are counting down the days until the water park opens Saturday...please let the weather cooperate. I don't know how Molly will like the water park...I'm pretty sure she has never been in a swimming pool and she doesn't seem to like the sun very much. I need to find a good sunscreen for her as I know her skin is very sensitive to the sun. I find that ironic...I am the whitest girl in this family and needs the least sunscreen...I just tan instantly. I am so excited about getting a good tan.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Still Adjusting

Molly braided Danielle our baby sitter's hair this morning. Aren't they cute???

So we continue to adjust as a family of four. We have mostly good days. Molly is a very pleasant and affectionate girl who has had to endure so much change in the last month. She is still in a period of grief. We get some nights that are just splendid and she goes to bed with no tears but then there are nights like last night that are virtually a nightmare. She just cried her little eyes out and I think she actually said she wanted to go back to Ethiopia. Of course she does...I completely understand. I daily put myself in her shoes thinking to myself I would be a complete mess as I don't do well with any kind of change little less being plucked from my country put in a new family and environment/culture where I don't speak the language. How scary would that be for any adult and she is only 10 maybe 11...not a good age for such changes. Don't get me wrong...she is doing awesome all things considered. She had to endure the chicken pox shortly after we returned to the US...that was tough as she got pretty sick and then her sister got the chicken pox and I had to be more attentive to her. I am glad that she is bonding with me very well...she just wants me hold her while she grieves and hugs me with a smile each matter how bad things may have gone the previous night. I am thanking you all for your prayers because things are really going better than I expected this early on. The girls get along so well...although we had one incident today. Hannah came running to me in tears saying her big sister pinched her. Which I know was true because Molly said I'm sorry...but I think she was just playing and actually pinched Hannah on one of chicken pox....ouch.

One of our fellow AWAA families have hooked us up with a lovely Christian Ethiopian woman from DC that is willing to interpret for us. This will be a big help especially in the coming weeks as Molly has a physical scheduled for next week and the dentist the week after that.

OK I hope things go well tonight as I opted out of a family dinner at his brother's house. I felt so tired I just wanted a couple of hours of alone time to recharge my Mama batteries. Molly didn't not seem excited about me not we will see.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chiken Pox Vs. Cool Chick

OK...we are now getting over the chicken pox in the Rovang home. Hannah is really scabbed 0ver and we are looking forward to seeing her beautiful unpoxed skin really soon. I can't wait as we have not been able to have a family photo since the airport...and that was not pretty after 20+ hours of traveling for 3 of us.
I am so thankful that we are finally getting over the transition period. Molly (Mahlet) was perfectly fine sleeping in her room by herself the first couple of nights back home. She then required her little sister (Hannah) to sleep in the trundle bed next to her. Hannah decided after a few nights that she wanted to sleep in her own room...Molly didn't like this at all so we moved a mattress into Hannah's room. That went OK until this past Saturday. When I think Molly (Mahlet) really just broke down and grieved. This poor girl has lost her bio parents, her country, her language just to name a few things. She has been just the happiest girl throughout the day but bedtime has been a nightmare. She has just cried and wanted mommy to sleep with her...which I did. But I refused for this to become a habit so last night we had a good break through. We prayed together...I in English....Molly in Amharic...and sleep was had for all parties involved.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rough Rovang Weekend

Hannah had an allergic reaction to the chicken pox...I am so thankful for my Dr. husband. He knew what to do...but as a mommy I all I wanted to to is cry for my poor baby.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chicken Pox still suck

This is how Hannah feels about the chicken pox.
So Hannah has been such a trooper with these chicken pox. She hasn't complained or whined at all. But by this afternoon I could tell she was pretty miserable so I gave her some Tylenol and some benadryl and now she is passed out in her bed. I hope she will be able to join the family for supper as her grandpa and uncle will be joining us and we are having corn on the cob which she has been asking for forever. Poor baby...she now has pretty good crop and they look pretty bad. You can't tell by the photo but they look just awful. We did take her to lunch and Wal Mart today and got some pretty interesting looks from people. With the vaccine that everybody gets I don't think anybody has a clue anymore what chicken pox look like. As if we need anymore people staring us down. Let me tell you having daughters from China and Ethiopia will get you some looks in a city that is really not very diversified at all. But I don't care...let them look and maybe some will be brave enough to inquire so I can share are wonderful story of adoption.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chicken Pox Round 2

Hannah now has the chicken pox but it has not stopped her one bit.

Ice cream...makes me scream...I don't care that I have chicken pox

Mom thought I should have an oatmeal bath and I said...OK
Wow mom that was soothing....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching On!!!

Each day Molly is getting used to new things...from foods to words to living with some serious baseball fans. She is catching on...and likes to play catch. I don't know why but we had the girls out playing in the yard in their PJ's. I think we thought it was bedtime and they had way too much energy left in their tanks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day is such a gift. I love my girls. But mother's day is also kind of hard when you don't have a mother any more. I miss my mom...she passed away in Feb. of 2007.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ron and the girls planted a little garden last evening
We found this cute little bunny in our window well

Hannah was thrilled with the bunny and Mahlet was scared to death

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo

The girls enjoyed spending time with their Aunt Trish this past week.

Well Mahlet (we are now pretty much calling her Mahlee (Molly)) is slowly recovering from her chicken pox. Now we wait to see if and when Hannah gets them. I am so happy about how well these two get along. They are pretty much attached at the hip and have so much fun together. I just love hearing them laugh together.
Mahlet was able to go back to her school today and was actually scheduled to be tested to see what level they would begin her at in her ESL class. I don't know what got into her but she was absolutely not herself. She has done really well with this teacher until today. First Mahlet would not let go of me so I had to stay in the room and then she would not cooperate (and began crying). The teacher decided not to push and give us a tour of the school. Once we got back to her room Mahlet did cooperate a little more but was no where able to be tested. I think she gets really nervous and you can barely hear her when she speaks. It is so frustrating because she does just fine at home and can actually read pretty good. I don't know if she actually understands what she is reading. I did find a really good website that we can work together on and she seems to like as well as Hannah.
In honor of Cinco de Mayo I and the girls had Taco John's for supper. Mahlet absolutely loves tacos (both hard and soft shells). So far it has been a challenge to get her to try new foods. She did have pheasant at her Uncle's house this past weekend and seemed to like it. She also tried some Chinese food but it didn't seem to impress her very much. That's OK her sister is Chinese and will really only eat noodles.
OK that's all I have for today.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moving Day

The girls had fun helping move grandpa to his new apartment.
AHHH!!! I have chicken pox.But my sister still loves me.

And so does mommy.
Hannah just being Hannah in an scarf from Ethiopia.