Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20 years of wedded Bliss

Happy New Year's Eve. We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary today. Wow 20 years has gone be so fast.

I have to share a funny story. Yesterday while Hannah was playing in the bath tub she said "Mommy my boobies are so little" she then took her watering can and was pouring water on her chest. I asked what she was doing and she said "I am watering them so they will grow and I think I need some seeds". OK that is too funny. Why does my little girl want to grow up so fast?

We had kind of a second Christmas last night with Ron's sister and her husband. Hannah loved all her gifts.

Hannah and her best canine friend

This dog poor dog...I think he loves to see Hannah go home.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

I had a very relaxing Sunday. My daughter kept herself busy playing in the fort we made and also the Christmas gifts are still keeping her entertained. My husband was gone all day working. So I was left alone to watch the Vikings beat the Giants in the final seconds and gain a spot in the playoffs. After that I watched the movie "The Duchess". It is based on a true story and what a sad story it was. Ron was able to come home for a short time had some dinner and then got called back to the hospital. I don't think we will see him the rest of the night. He is so looking forward to this next week has been a long and busy 5 days on call. It will be strange having home the whole week...we had planned to go to Minneapolis for our 20th anniversary (New Year's Eve) but his mother is not doing well so we are sticking close to home.

Ron got me a new digital camera for Christmas so thought I would take some

goofy photos of Hannah. Look the Princess and the Pea

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a pretty quiet Christmas but it was still nice. Ron was on call so kind of was doing double duty at the hospital and cooking at home. He is somewhat of a control freak in the kitchen so my role in making Christmas dinner is limited to peeling potatoes, preparing a salad of some sort, putting the relish tray together...pretty much anything that I can't screw up. I on the other hand do all the cleaning up. The meal was delicious and we had lots of leftover turkey to enjoy cold turkey sandwiches.

Hannah was up at her usual 6AM (I know some children get up extra early on Christmas morning but God Blessed me with a child that gets up extra early everyday). She was so excited to see the easel from Santa. The smile went from ear to ear...and of course when that happens her little almond eyes disappear. She played with it all morning. We didn't open gifts until after dinner. She loved them all. She got some great princess items from her Aunt Cindy...she wore the backpack all afternoon.
She loved her princess sleeping bag and yes she slept in it last night...and I'm sure it will be a while until we get that out of her bed.
Hannah and I both got Christmas socks...hers socks actually light up when she walks.

After we were done opening gifts Ron had to head to the hospital and Hannah and I headed to the sledding hill. We live in the flattest place on earth so the city actually built a sledding hill. It was very crowded and cold but the most fun we had all day. We have had so much snow lately but it has been so cold we couldn't enjoy playing outside. Christmas day it warmed up to almost 20 degrees but the wind was strong so it felt much colder...we both got wind burnt but it was so worth it. There is nothing like sledding with your 4 yr. old thrill seeker.

Hannah drew this picture of her little sister Christmas Eve. She said "look mommy she has braids". She then said "I just want her to be here already"...ME TOO

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Program 2008 With Video

Hannah finally had her Christmas program. It was postponed because of weather and almost canceled because of weather today. But God worked it all out and we were able to enjoy the children singing this morning. I couldn't get a good photo of Hannah because for one she was in the back row and for two...all she could do was watch herself up on the video screens. I have video but am having a horrible time with my blog program tonight so maybe I can get it up later. I got the video to work it can be viewed after the photos.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday was exciting as several families from our agency received referrals. I was so happy for them as they will have something extra special to celebrate this Christmas season. It was also nice to see some referrals going out as it has been a while.

There are also families traveling to ET over the Christmas holiday to bring their precious children home. Their blogs are listed on the right hand side under traveling families.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is FRIGHTFUL

It was an ugly day in SD. We woke to a very nasty blizzard. Winds 40-50mph and windchill of -40 degrees. YUCK...I hate winter. Why do I live in SD? Ron attempted to clear the driveway but gave up. Hannah was supposed to have her Christmas program at church this morning but they were wise enough to reschedule it to next week (and of course there was no church that's how bad the weather was).
OK the weather outside is nearly unbearable so what do we do...go out for lunch. We always go to Wendy's after Church on Sundays so that is what we attempted to do. We made it there but they were closed...but one of the McDonald's in town was open so we ate there. I know my husband just wanted to venture out in the snow. He has a RAV4 and loves driving it in the snow. This is the smallest 4WD he has ever had and by far the best for getting around in the snow. His last 2 vehicles were Avalanches and while this RAV could probably fit into one of those it kicks it butt when it comes to getting through snow. I have only driven his vehicle a few times but I swear it is a rocket on wheels. I'm not trying to do a Toyota commercial here because I have Toyota van that can get stuck in a half inch of snow.
OK (I may spoke to soon about how great the RAV is) Ron just arrived home (a little after 6PM storm still going strong). He got stuck trying to get up the driveway. But SD folks take care of each other...neighbors were over in minutes to help.

We were at the Mall Friday evening for supper and afterward Hannah wanted to go for a walk. She got just giddy when she saw Santa. She wanted to run up and jump in his lap but I made her wait because Daddy had run to our vehicle and I wanted him to see it. She was so cute just waiting with the biggest smile and talking to Santa. She said "well my name is Hannah" and this was a smart Santa as his reply was "I know it is". Daddy finally showed up and she bolted to Santa. She was happy that he called her a little princess. I think it is cute how she is holding his hands in the photo. On a side note...since it blizzard ed like crazy all day and Hannah couldn't go out and play or she would've froze to death with the the -40 degree windchill she wanted to make cookies for Santa. So that is what we did. While we were making the cookies Hannah said "we will take these cookies to Santa". So I asked her where Santa lives. Her reply "at the Mall". I laughed so hard.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We've been Robbed!!

I am going crazy because I can't find my Christmas CDs. My husband and I have searched every inch of our house and they are no where to be found. I think the Grinch is trying to steal Christmas from us. I am going through with drawl not having my Christmas music. I was able to find one CD to play while Hannah and I decorated the tree but where in the world is my favorite...Maria Carey, Amy Grant and M.W. Smith CDs? This is especially hard since we went to M.W. Christmas concert in the cities and I can't find my CDs. This is such an issue that has kept me up at night (along with being ill since Monday...more a bit later). If you know me I am a bit anal when it comes to my CDs...yes they are put in alphabet order and the same applies for Christmas (special category) but where in the world are my CDs???.

About being ill...I had to reschedule my dental implant...I was no where well enough to go. I am now being treated with antibiotics for a severe sinus infection...Oh so painful.

Hannah is sporting a great big ugly lip. She did a face plant on the tile floor tonight that made my stomach jump. I was amazed that she only cried a few minutes...she is such a trooper...and loved looking at her big fat lip in the mirror.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Photos

We had photos taken this past week. Hannah did so much better than last year. She was able to actually stand and sit still for a few photos.

This photo so captures Hannah. She is always dancing.
We traveled home from Minneapolis today. It was miserable for a couple of reasons. One I woke up with some sort of virus...chills, aches, nausea and soooo tired. Thank God the nausea didn't last long but I was miserable all the way home...which took nearly 7 hours because the weather. It snowed all the way home so we had slow down...I am feeling a little bit better this evening but am still really tired and feel like I am getting a cold. I am scheduled to get a dental implant tomorrow but may cancel if I don't feel better in the morning.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

M.W. Smith Rocks

HI all,
We just got back from Michael W. Smith's Christmas concert in St. Paul. Totally Awesome...if you get a chance to attend this event you will be soooo blessed. You can check out the tour schedule . He had a couple of past American Idol contestants with him Melinda Doolittle...who will knock your socks off. Good thing M.W. Smith can compose becuase this woman has some pipes and a love for Jesus (and a big bonus bag pipes are part of the concert). The other A.I., M.W.S.(I feel young using all the abreviations) recruited was George Huff. his voice is electric.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hannah's Birthday

We had fun celebrating Hannah's 4th birthday. We had a busy day...Kindermusik, family portraits and Hannah's birthday party. Yes her uncle Rich gave her fish...isn't there some unwritten rule that you have to ask the parents before giving children a pet(s). Oh well she was thrilled. She was up at 5:45AM this morning to play with all her gifts.

Her first laptop

Hannah loved her new doll from her friend Danielle

Monday, December 1, 2008

Eve of Hannah's Birthday

Wow, my baby girl is turning 4. We made cupcakes to share with her friends at Kindermusik tomorrow. I told her she could try them out...She loved them.