Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a pretty quiet Christmas but it was still nice. Ron was on call so kind of was doing double duty at the hospital and cooking at home. He is somewhat of a control freak in the kitchen so my role in making Christmas dinner is limited to peeling potatoes, preparing a salad of some sort, putting the relish tray together...pretty much anything that I can't screw up. I on the other hand do all the cleaning up. The meal was delicious and we had lots of leftover turkey to enjoy cold turkey sandwiches.

Hannah was up at her usual 6AM (I know some children get up extra early on Christmas morning but God Blessed me with a child that gets up extra early everyday). She was so excited to see the easel from Santa. The smile went from ear to ear...and of course when that happens her little almond eyes disappear. She played with it all morning. We didn't open gifts until after dinner. She loved them all. She got some great princess items from her Aunt Cindy...she wore the backpack all afternoon.
She loved her princess sleeping bag and yes she slept in it last night...and I'm sure it will be a while until we get that out of her bed.
Hannah and I both got Christmas socks...hers socks actually light up when she walks.

After we were done opening gifts Ron had to head to the hospital and Hannah and I headed to the sledding hill. We live in the flattest place on earth so the city actually built a sledding hill. It was very crowded and cold but the most fun we had all day. We have had so much snow lately but it has been so cold we couldn't enjoy playing outside. Christmas day it warmed up to almost 20 degrees but the wind was strong so it felt much colder...we both got wind burnt but it was so worth it. There is nothing like sledding with your 4 yr. old thrill seeker.

Hannah drew this picture of her little sister Christmas Eve. She said "look mommy she has braids". She then said "I just want her to be here already"...ME TOO

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Clayton & Amber said...

Bliss, just wanted to let you know I am thinking of your family and of *M*. I am still praying for God's guidance and for Him to make a way!!! :)