Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is FRIGHTFUL

It was an ugly day in SD. We woke to a very nasty blizzard. Winds 40-50mph and windchill of -40 degrees. YUCK...I hate winter. Why do I live in SD? Ron attempted to clear the driveway but gave up. Hannah was supposed to have her Christmas program at church this morning but they were wise enough to reschedule it to next week (and of course there was no church that's how bad the weather was).
OK the weather outside is nearly unbearable so what do we do...go out for lunch. We always go to Wendy's after Church on Sundays so that is what we attempted to do. We made it there but they were closed...but one of the McDonald's in town was open so we ate there. I know my husband just wanted to venture out in the snow. He has a RAV4 and loves driving it in the snow. This is the smallest 4WD he has ever had and by far the best for getting around in the snow. His last 2 vehicles were Avalanches and while this RAV could probably fit into one of those it kicks it butt when it comes to getting through snow. I have only driven his vehicle a few times but I swear it is a rocket on wheels. I'm not trying to do a Toyota commercial here because I have Toyota van that can get stuck in a half inch of snow.
OK (I may spoke to soon about how great the RAV is) Ron just arrived home (a little after 6PM storm still going strong). He got stuck trying to get up the driveway. But SD folks take care of each other...neighbors were over in minutes to help.

We were at the Mall Friday evening for supper and afterward Hannah wanted to go for a walk. She got just giddy when she saw Santa. She wanted to run up and jump in his lap but I made her wait because Daddy had run to our vehicle and I wanted him to see it. She was so cute just waiting with the biggest smile and talking to Santa. She said "well my name is Hannah" and this was a smart Santa as his reply was "I know it is". Daddy finally showed up and she bolted to Santa. She was happy that he called her a little princess. I think it is cute how she is holding his hands in the photo. On a side note...since it blizzard ed like crazy all day and Hannah couldn't go out and play or she would've froze to death with the the -40 degree windchill she wanted to make cookies for Santa. So that is what we did. While we were making the cookies Hannah said "we will take these cookies to Santa". So I asked her where Santa lives. Her reply "at the Mall". I laughed so hard.

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Nancy Lee said...

It'll be 74* today! he he he he ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha
Love you, Nancy