Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a very wonderful and quiet Christmas this year. Just the four of us. It was actually kind of nice. The only bummer is we didn't get to go sledding because of the blizzard. And it is a doozy. I don't remember in my whole life having a blizzard on Christmas day.
Wow look at all the presents...and we actually missed a few that were in Hannah's pile.
Hannah made out pretty good too.
Yes, Hannah got a violin for Christmas. She has been wanting to play the violin since she was 2.
Hannah's quote of the day. I am so impressed with my gifts but especially my violin.

I got Ron a kids race car set. We were all so bumbed as it required
C cell batteries and we had none and it is like the worst blizzard in forever so no racing today.
Do you think he liked it????


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hannah's Mini Dance Performance.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Readoption Day

Today was our day in court to readopt Mahlet. She is now officially a U.S. citizen and recognized as our daughter by the U.S. courts. Her name was changed from Mahlet Ronald to Mahlet Maleah. In Ethiopia the child take the dad's first name as their middle. This caused a little confusion with our attorney as he thought we had adopted a boy. It was so funny as neither our attorney of the judge could pronounce her name correctly. But it doesn't matter the decree is signed and it's a done deal. We will now get a U.S. birth certificate and can apply for her passport so we can go to Jamaica in March.

It was kind of funny timing as I got my reminder letter today that I begin jury duty Jan. 1st and I ended up in the very court room I will be serving in.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Mahlet & Hannah had visiting with Santa last night.
I was impressed with this Santa. He really looked the part. Some Santa's can look so cheesy.
After the Santa visit we checked the lights at the big park by our home.
I just thought this was a cool pic.

They had live animals for the kids to enjoy at the visitors center.
The camel doesn't seem to too impressed with little Ms. Hannah


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mahlet's Scchool had it's Christmas program today. It was fun seeing all the children so excited to perform.

The gym was decorated with art projects. The 5th graders made gigantic snowmen.
Mahlet with her teacher. Mrs. O

Hi MOM!!!

The girls had fun playing in the snow yesterday. The temps finally warmed up to above zero so they could actually get outside.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Things have been so busy this month it has been hard to keep up with the blog. I finally finished the Christmas letter and this year's was by far the hardest to write. So much has changed in our family over the past 8 months I didn't know how to edit it all. But it's finally done and the cards are in the mail.
I feel like have spent almost the whole half of this month at the dentist/oral surgeon. I feel like I should just get a room there. Between me, Mahlet and Hannah we have been to the dentist 6 times in the last two weeks. I had a few cavities to be fixed, Mahlet had two (which I was really worried about how that would play out...laughing gas is our friend), Hannah had a check up and X-Rays which she was a super star at sitting still (if you know Hannah you know what I mean). I also finally got my dental implant put in. I have been trying to get this done for almost 2 yrs. and something has always stopped it from happening. The last being our travel to Ethiopia. But am so thankful that it never happened as now insurance will cover some of the is very expensive. OK enough about boring stuff.
One of Hannah's preschool friends (Jenna) hosted a Gingerbread House making party today. Mahlet was invited to help. Shh the houses are really made of graham crackers.
This is Mahlet's house. I looked for a door but found none...I think you would have to crawl throuh the life saver??????
Hannah's GB House
Reminder that she is a gift from GOD.
Funny photo of Ron decorating the tree. It looks like it wants to fly out the window.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah

I cant believe my baby is 5 years old. She had a great day sharing treats with her friends at preschool. I surprised her with some balloons as the end of her class and took her to McDonalds for a birthday lunch. We are just doing a quiet family party tonight with Pizza and cake. We had a party for her in the Cities this past weekend with Aunts and Uncles.