Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beautiful Day

I washed the vehicles today and Hannah helped (sort of).

It was such a beautiful day (almost no wind). We started it with a long bike ride and a stop at the park. Hannah is such a little social butterfly. She went over to one of the mothers (who had a baby) and I heard her say I am getting a baby sister. The mother said "that's soon will she be here?" To which I heard Hannah reply 3 minutes. Too funny.
We stopped at the neighbors house on the way home as they were having a rummage sale. Hannah ended up staying while I came to shower. She has been spending a lot of time over there lately as they just got a new trampoline
It was so nice I planned on making our first trip this season to the water park. I then thought OK it is the first truly nice day since the park has been open and it is Saturday. Not going because the whole darn city will be there...way too crowded. So we stayed home and worked outside all afternoon. I did something I have never done before...I pruned my rose bushes. I couldn't stand how bad they looked. I know it had to be my mom in heaven having a fit that I so ignore the roses (she loved flowers especially roses). I have never cared about these bushes before so I know it had to be a little nudge from above.

I also cleaned up the mess the beast has made in my backyard (a whole wheel barrow full). I can't believe this dog is still alive. I picked up wood from our deck with rusty nails. Thank the Good Lord he goes home tomorrow. Don't get me wrong I love this dog, but I swear he is more work than my 3 yr. old.

My poor lilac bush...bad dog
It was so gorgeous out this evening Hannah and I took a walk around the neighborhood. I love doing this with her because she has such a wonderful imagination. Each walk becomes some sort of treasure hunt. This girl is so much fun.

One Cool Dude

On my previous post I asked my friend Nancy to spike her son Jacob's hair and make him cool. She overdelivered. Not only is it spiked it is blue. I love it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boring Day

I was going through some adoption stuff today and came across Hannah's referral photos. Boy has she blossomed into a beautiful happy little girl since these photos were taken.

Look at my little Rock Star

Nancy take note this is how little Jacob's hair should look...c'mon spike it up and make him cool.

Our day was quite boring as it was kinda rainy and cool all day long. Please God make it warm already. The water park opened almost a week ago and it has been so darned cold (mid 60s) we have not been able to go. We are getting ripped off with our season pass. Hannah loves the water park and once it warms up we will be there twice a day...afternoon and evening.

Today was so boring as we couldn't get outside and play. We did go visit Grandma just to get out of the house. She is doing much better. She actually went to Wal Mart. Thank you all who have been praying for her.

It is my brother's birthday so I have to go give him a call.



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Princess Hannah

Hannah put on my dress and this crown (candle holder) and said I am a princess
The dress is on backwards but the wink is cute
OK she just said "Mama I can't wait to get married. WHAT??? You're only 3
We said goodbye to our weekend visitors yesterday and had a pretty boring day as it was cold and windy so stayed in the house all day...BORING. We did have to scold the dog we are sitting as he continues to destroy the backyard. Yesterday our rain gauge was his latest victim. I couldn't believe how he chewed it to pieces (it was extremely hard plastic). I hope he cut his mouth in the process. His name is Bodacious and he is one BODACIOUS pain in the rear.
Hannah and I went to the library today as I was sick of reading the books we had gotten last week. We got a boat load so we won't have to go back for a while. She starts her Summer reading program June 1st. It should be fun. She did the reading program this past Winter/Spring and enjoyed it.
I talked to our Family Coordinator at America World about our concurrent adoption in Ethiopia. She will be sending me some initial paperwork we need to complete before we start the whole paper chasing process again. Our we crazy to start a whole new paper chase (the very least fun thing about adoption but the end result is so worth it).
OK Hannah just brought me her crown which now in pieces (what the heck it is made of metal). I swear she is as bad as the dog. She breaks everything she puts her hands on.
I'm off to put the child to bed. That involves brushing teeth, reading books, making up an original story, discussing what we should pray about finally we pray and then it's lights out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun Times/Adoption Update

Hannah had fun playing with cousin Nathan and dog cousin Bodacious (Boadie for short).
Hannah enjoyed seeing her cousins Nathan & Sarah and her Aunt Bonnie today. She doesn't get to see her cousins very often as they live out east. She gets to see Boadie all the time as he just lives across town. It was really windy out (as always) but she didn't seem to mind. If Hannah wants to see Uncle Jim I think we will have to join the gang at the horse races tomorrow.
Now here's the adoption update. The wait time for a healthy girl in China is getting so ridiculous that we decided to go on the Special Needs list. I was visiting with our Family Coordinator at America World and she informed me we could do a concurrent adoption with Ethiopia. What this means is they would remove us from the SN list as we pursued our adoption in Ethiopia and keep our adoption of a healthy girl in China in place. I told her I didn't think my husband would go for that idea but after we discussed it he is very open to it. So I will be contacting our FC on Tuesday to discuss doing the concurrent adoption. I am very excited .
OK some very nasty weather is moving in and the sky looks very scary. It is thundering out and Hannah is not fond of the loud noise.
Hope all have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sad day

My heart goes out to the Chapman family as they mourn the loss of their beautiful daughter Maria. What a tragedy. I think Hannah sensed my sadness as she woke up in a very sweet mood and just let me hold her close.

I just have to share how much I love my little girl. Yesterday I was sitting as my computer when Hannah walks over with her little chair and sits down beside me. She took my hand and said "Mama you are my very best friend in the whole world and I just love you". OK I melted as I told her how much I loved her too. She then said "God made us special and he loves us very much". Boy can this girl put a smile on my face.

As for our next adoption we have stepped out in faith and joined the special needs list with our agency. We have been praying about this for a while and just really felt lead to take this direction. So please keep us in your prayers as we continue with this very long wait.


Monday, May 19, 2008


OK is Hannah too young for a boyfriend? This is her friend Evan from Kindermusik. I like to call them Mr. & Mrs. Smith (from the movie) because they go from loving each other to nearly killing each other minutes later (it is so funny). Honestly these two have had a strong connection from the 1st day they met. They love to play together and fight together. Ironically after visiting with Evan's mom (Jennifer) we found out we have so many past connections. Her husband and my husband worked together years ago, her dad and Ron's dad worked together in respiratory therapy at the hospital, her dad also owned a bait shop that we frequented when we fished a lot (her dad always called Ron...Ronny because he knew my husband when he was little...the list goes on but I won't bore you with it).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Gorgeous Day!!!

OK today was the most beautiful day ever. Perfect temp and get this NO WIND. That almost never happens here (yesterday it was soooo windy it was impossible to do anything outside). We had so much fun outside today playing and getting projects done. I took Hannah on a nice long bike ride which included a stop at the park. The rest of the afternoon found the whole family working in the yard. I pruned trees and Ron mowed the lawn, planted flowers and fertilized the lawn and Hannah did some chalk drawing on the side walk, chased some birds, helped with the pruning (briefly) but of course she ended up in her sandbox. When I was finished pruning Hannah and I took a little walk around the neighborhood. She greeted all the neighbors with a wave and HELLO. She is very into greeting everybody she sees with a wave and is very cute. I find the teenage boys the most uncomfortable when Hannah greets them...they don't know what to say back to a 3 year old girl (da, hello will work).

Yesterday was kind of interesting. Since this second adoption is taking so long Ron and I have been thinking about hosting a foreign exchange student from China. We hosted a student from France in 2000 and had a very good experience. Well the funny thing is we ran into PAX family coordinator we worked with at Wal Mart. We have not seen her since our student left (she does not live in our city). She knew we adopted a little Chinese girl because our story was in the local paper. She wasted no time asking if we would consider hosting an Asian student (she is very pushy). We didn't tell her we had already been thinking about it because she would've thought it a done is your student (I'm not kidding that is how pushy she is). We just said we would think about it. But I think there is a good chance we may have another Chinese girl in the house this fall. Keep this in your prayers.

I was also so happy to have a couple of hours to myself as Ron & Hannah went to dinner at his brothers. It gave me a chance to watch a movie. I used to get to watch a movie every Sunday while Hannah napped. She no longer naps so I seldom get a chance to watch a movie. I watched Sense & Sensibility (love Jane Austen).

That is my recap of this weekend...all was wonderful but the Twins lost 2 games to the Rockies.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally a nice day.

We finally had a nice day (except the wind...always windy where we live). It was nice and warm so I asked Hannah if she wanted to help me wash the van to which she gave her signature reply "Sure" (she makes the word 2 syllables so cute). So I documented just how much she helped.
First she helped by fishing in our drainage ditch.
Next she was found helping me wash the van in her sandbox.

Just still helping in the sandbox.

"Mommy leave me alone and go finish washing the van"

Finally she was spotted picking a few dandelions in the backyard.

OK I don't think dandelions are so pretty but I swear SD has the prettiest clouds (they were even more beautiful yesterday).

Honestly Hannah's not helping me was really helping me as I was able to wash the van without the 3 year old getting in my way and slowing me down (OK she did slow me down because I kept leaving my task to take pictures of her not helping me but at least she was not under my feet and getting all wet as the wind was blowing the water so much that our neighbors to the east won't need to water their lawn).

After I was finished with the van I joined Hannah in her sandbox (not really I just sat on the grass and caught some rays and I think I got some color back that I've lost since Florida). She was so sweet she interrupted her play a couple of times to give me some lovin'. She got out and gave me a great big hug (I melted) and then moments later got out again and gave me a big sloppy kiss. I love this kid to pieces.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly Encouragement (5.14.08)

Verse for the Week

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”
-Hebrews 11:1
This was the verse I really needed after the horrible earthquake in China. Our Adoption Agency (AWAA) has each family coordinator send out a weekly encouragement and they always include a verse which by the hand of God sustains me. I have been really sad for all the families who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. I am also a little depressed thinking there is no way the adoption timeline will speedup with such devastation in this country.
I know that all the children in the orphanages around the area are safe and the buildings have minor damages (Praise God). OK, keep us in your prayers as we our discussing a few different options with our adoption.
Blessings to All,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down Memory Lane

I went through our photos from our trip to China today...boy did they bring back some incredible memories. What happened to my baby...she is growing up so fast it nearly makes my head spin. I treasure every moment with this little girl. I have to say she was the easiest child...she made being a 1st time parent very easy (she didn't even cry in China when we got her and was the happiest child from the get go). I know she might not look all that happy in a couple of these photos but I can tell you she just looked at me and smiled on the bus ride back to our hotel (she bonded instantly with amazing as she was 10 months old). Enjoy the photos. Hannah at the Wal Mart about an hour after she became a part of our family.
On one of outings in Changsha (Hunan Province)...she was so tired...
She loved the blow-up tub I brought...made bath time a hit from day one.
Just after her 3rd birthday...not a baby anymore
She loves being a girly not like her mommy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pray for China

My heart is so sad for all the victims of the horrible earthquake in China. Please keep them in your prayers as well as any families traveling to adopt. To get more detailed information on the earthquake you can go to my favorite blogs (right side of my blog) and click on the Harrells. Their daughter is from this area and they have only been home a couple of months. Praise God they were home safe and sound before this tragedy...and pray for our future travel to China.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A few of my favorite mommy/daughter photos of us in Florida (taken by Aunt Bonnie)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers especially those celebrating their first and those with soldiers in the war (my heart goes out to war moms). This is my third mother's day with Hannah and my second without my mother. So while it is a happy day I can't help but feel a bit of sadness too.

Hannah and I went to church without dad as he was working. There was no teacher in Hannah's Sunday School class. So she had to sit in the sanctuary with me...I was not excited about this as she doesn't sit still ever and especially not in church. I was so proud of her today she was an angel. She did great (dad still can't believe it). The woman sitting next to us commented how well behaved she was...she said none of her kids would have ever been so good in church. OK I could have just said thank you and took credit for being the best parent on earth...but I fessed up to how Hannah usually behaves in church (today was truly a miracle from God his gift to me for mother's day).

We went to brunch after church and the good news is that Grandma was able to join us. I was happy she made it and ate more than she has eaten in a long time. But she was pretty worn out by the end of the meal. But it was good to see her out visiting with friends she hasn't seen in a while.

Ron was good enough to take Hannah to the park and play in her sandbox so I could just sit and watch a movie (I love to watch movies and haven't got to do this in forever so that was my best gift for mother's day). Once my movie was over I then took Hannah to the park again...I love doing this too so that was a bonus gift.

Blessings to All,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What A Day

WOW what a Saturday. It started very early about 5AM I got up and watched the end of the replay of the Twins/Red Sox game that I got to frustrated watching last night and just went to bed. I was so happy I saw the end of the game as the Twins came back and beat those pesky Red Sox at the very bottom of the 9th. So exciting...but I couldn't scream or do any of my usual celebrating craziness as Hannah and Ron were still sleeping. Hope for the same results tonight.

Hannah went to the neighbors while I worked out (Ron is on call this sucks with only 3 Docs in the group he's on call every 3rd weekend). She loves going to their house and it is nearly impossible to get her out of there.

As I mentioned in a previous entry Saturday is my big cleaning day. Since it was raining out it made cleaning day a little easier to swallow. Boy did I go crazy. I attacked our master bath like never before. I scrubbed every surface as if I had a grudge to settle with it. I don't think the bathroom has been this clean since we built the house...wait it is cleaner. Our bathroom wasn't finished when we moved in and it was a complete mess.

After I was done with the bathroom I hit the kitchen...not to clean but to bake. I know anyone that knows me is saying...WHAT???? I am not known for my skills in the kitchen but this past year I have been like the queen of banana bread (I made it twice this past week and there are five loaves in the freezer...there would be six but we gave grandma a loaf). Today I got the itch to bake cookies. I ended up making two different kinds...of course chocolate chip for Ron and craisin white chocolate for Hannah. Hannah was my helped me..when I say help I mean she licked the bowls and spoons.
We are going to church and then to brunch for mother's day. Ron's mom is going to attempt to join us for brunch so hope this happens. I got flowers yesterday from Ron and Hannah and they are very pretty (the bouquet has daisies...Ron has it easy...I love daisies and I think they are cheaper than most flowers).
Happy Mother's Day to All

Friday, May 9, 2008

Proud of My State

I was so proud when I watched Good Morning America this morning to find out South Dakota was included on a list of 7 wonders of the US. I was so rooting for our state to make the list. They chose the badlands in the western part of our state (they started at Mt. Rushmore but it was to foggy to see anything so they headed by helicopter to this beautiful area of our state).

Please enjoy the photos from our beautiful state of SD.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What's Happening

It was a dreary day as it rained most of the day. We are dog sitting for Ron's brother's dog and I felt bad he had to be in his pen most of the day...poor dog. I finally just let him out to run around the backyard and he is a mess.

I went to the mailbox today and was surprised with a package from a sweet friend (Nancy in PA). It was a bag of Hershey's Bliss (dark chocolate which I love) and a thoughtful card. Thank you Nancy you are the best (although I find you having between 15-20lbs of butter in your freezer a little strange...but if you get a good deal and have six kids why not stock up).

I haven't shared how my oral surgery went. Not how I wanted. I have been without a tooth for nearly 2 months since my crown came out and could not be reattached. The plan was that the oral surgeon would take out the root of the tooth and place an implant. He was not able to place the implant as he discovered a little infection once he got the root out. So now I have to let things heal for 4-5 months. If in that time it is healed and enough bone has grown back he can place the implant...if not enough bone has grown back he will have to do a bone graft (if I choose) and I will have to wait a few more months. Long story short once he is able to place the implant (screw in my jaw) I will have to wait 6 months to get fitted for the crown. This is starting to mirror our adoption process. Do this step...wait, next step...wait. It has made me think...just like I am missing a part of me (my tooth) I am also missing another little Zoey. Please pray China speeds up the process.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a character

Hannah walked all around the house today in this getup calling herself little Miss Red Riding Hood. She kept calling me grandmother to keep us all in character...I was surprised she didn't say the big bad wolf is home when dad arrived from work.

OK, I don't quite know what this look is about but I think she is rehearsing for the first biblical character she will portray in a church production.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Wait

As of tomorrow (5/6/08) we will be at 17 months of waiting since we were LID (12/6/06). I can't even predict when we will get a referral. Our agency is now saying the wait is 29 months +. We our now on our way to a three year wait. We are hoping and praying this does not drag out more than another year. We are being realistic in our wait as we know the Olympics are definitely playing a part in this slow down. Just pray Hannah keeps us young while we wait for her little sister.

Hannah had her second visit to the dentist today. She did much better the first time around. She would not sit in the big chair today but the dentist (he is a family friend) was OK with just dealing with her on my lap. He told her she had beautiful teeth and gave her her 2nd floride treatment. She did OK and I rewarded her with her first ice cream cone from the Twist Cone...she just laughed at the little eyes they put on her was so much fun to share this special 1st with her.

I am posting this early as I may not be able to post tomorrow. I am going to the oral surgeon to have an implant (a screw put in my jaw so the dentist can create a tooth to put on the screw kinda like a crown. I will be sedated (scares me a bit) . Please keep me in your prayers.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

May I Please have a sick day.

Ok I woke up a little after midnight last night feeling nauseous (I have been feeling a little rundown the last couple days). I struggled all night with this until 5AM when Hannah woke up crying. It was no big deal she just had to go potty but the way she was sobbing you would of thought she broke a limb. Anyway I tried to get her back to sleep (fighting the Nassau and now the other pleasant part that accompanies a GI virus...I know TMI). She made it clear that she was not going back to I had to deal with her. She is going through this phase where she doesn't even want to look at Daddy in the morning. I took her down to the family room...thank God for the Disney channel as it kept her entertained while I could only pretend to get some rest. I ended up spending nearly the entire day on the couch. If I would get up to even try to be productive forgetaboutit...back on the couch it was. I did manage to pick Hannah's toys & books up while her and daddy went to lunch (it was driving me insane to look at the mess). Anyway, I have no idea what is going on with me this year. I never get sick and now I have had a bad ear infection, the infuenza A and now this all in the last few months...Palease let it stop. I did actually drag myself up to take a shower around 4PM. And the best thing of all is that Hannah is actually napping...she has not done this in months (Praise God for the small things). Well better go see if I can get her up as Ron is just about done grilling supper (I don't think my stomach can take any solids just yet). Pray Hannah doesn't get sick as she was all over me today.