Monday, May 19, 2008


OK is Hannah too young for a boyfriend? This is her friend Evan from Kindermusik. I like to call them Mr. & Mrs. Smith (from the movie) because they go from loving each other to nearly killing each other minutes later (it is so funny). Honestly these two have had a strong connection from the 1st day they met. They love to play together and fight together. Ironically after visiting with Evan's mom (Jennifer) we found out we have so many past connections. Her husband and my husband worked together years ago, her dad and Ron's dad worked together in respiratory therapy at the hospital, her dad also owned a bait shop that we frequented when we fished a lot (her dad always called Ron...Ronny because he knew my husband when he was little...the list goes on but I won't bore you with it).

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Kowalczyk said...

Well at the least she doesn't want to marry her brother. They are too too cute! I want to go play in the sand. That is Mia and Jacob's favorite place. Unfortunately they enjoy throwing it out of the sandbox and have no sand left in it LOL. Have a super Tuesday. Love ya Nancy