Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Princess Hannah

Hannah put on my dress and this crown (candle holder) and said I am a princess
The dress is on backwards but the wink is cute
OK she just said "Mama I can't wait to get married. WHAT??? You're only 3
We said goodbye to our weekend visitors yesterday and had a pretty boring day as it was cold and windy so stayed in the house all day...BORING. We did have to scold the dog we are sitting as he continues to destroy the backyard. Yesterday our rain gauge was his latest victim. I couldn't believe how he chewed it to pieces (it was extremely hard plastic). I hope he cut his mouth in the process. His name is Bodacious and he is one BODACIOUS pain in the rear.
Hannah and I went to the library today as I was sick of reading the books we had gotten last week. We got a boat load so we won't have to go back for a while. She starts her Summer reading program June 1st. It should be fun. She did the reading program this past Winter/Spring and enjoyed it.
I talked to our Family Coordinator at America World about our concurrent adoption in Ethiopia. She will be sending me some initial paperwork we need to complete before we start the whole paper chasing process again. Our we crazy to start a whole new paper chase (the very least fun thing about adoption but the end result is so worth it).
OK Hannah just brought me her crown which now in pieces (what the heck it is made of metal). I swear she is as bad as the dog. She breaks everything she puts her hands on.
I'm off to put the child to bed. That involves brushing teeth, reading books, making up an original story, discussing what we should pray about finally we pray and then it's lights out.

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Kowalczyk said...

I love the dress! Mia says, "OOOHHH Polka Dots!" And, "I see Hannah's Boyfriend?" I guess she thinks he's cute too? The weeks half gone, enjoy the quiet time and get yerself some pig ears! :) Nancy Lee