Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beautiful Day

I washed the vehicles today and Hannah helped (sort of).

It was such a beautiful day (almost no wind). We started it with a long bike ride and a stop at the park. Hannah is such a little social butterfly. She went over to one of the mothers (who had a baby) and I heard her say I am getting a baby sister. The mother said "that's soon will she be here?" To which I heard Hannah reply 3 minutes. Too funny.
We stopped at the neighbors house on the way home as they were having a rummage sale. Hannah ended up staying while I came to shower. She has been spending a lot of time over there lately as they just got a new trampoline
It was so nice I planned on making our first trip this season to the water park. I then thought OK it is the first truly nice day since the park has been open and it is Saturday. Not going because the whole darn city will be there...way too crowded. So we stayed home and worked outside all afternoon. I did something I have never done before...I pruned my rose bushes. I couldn't stand how bad they looked. I know it had to be my mom in heaven having a fit that I so ignore the roses (she loved flowers especially roses). I have never cared about these bushes before so I know it had to be a little nudge from above.

I also cleaned up the mess the beast has made in my backyard (a whole wheel barrow full). I can't believe this dog is still alive. I picked up wood from our deck with rusty nails. Thank the Good Lord he goes home tomorrow. Don't get me wrong I love this dog, but I swear he is more work than my 3 yr. old.

My poor lilac bush...bad dog
It was so gorgeous out this evening Hannah and I took a walk around the neighborhood. I love doing this with her because she has such a wonderful imagination. Each walk becomes some sort of treasure hunt. This girl is so much fun.

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