Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boring Day

I was going through some adoption stuff today and came across Hannah's referral photos. Boy has she blossomed into a beautiful happy little girl since these photos were taken.

Look at my little Rock Star

Nancy take note this is how little Jacob's hair should look...c'mon spike it up and make him cool.

Our day was quite boring as it was kinda rainy and cool all day long. Please God make it warm already. The water park opened almost a week ago and it has been so darned cold (mid 60s) we have not been able to go. We are getting ripped off with our season pass. Hannah loves the water park and once it warms up we will be there twice a day...afternoon and evening.

Today was so boring as we couldn't get outside and play. We did go visit Grandma just to get out of the house. She is doing much better. She actually went to Wal Mart. Thank you all who have been praying for her.

It is my brother's birthday so I have to go give him a call.



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