Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Name

Hi all,

Since we are now out of the review room and onto the matching room I decided to change the name of my blog.

We spent 6 hours on the road traveling to Fargo to be re fingerprinted for immigration purposes (the wait is so long paperwork is starting to expire...not with China but with the US). It only took us 10 minutes to get our prints done. Give me a break Mr. Govt. with technology why do we have to drive so far to have fingerprints that they should be able do in our city (we have a huge federal building and I'm pretty sure they have the same machine to take fingerprints).
Well at least we got to eat at TGI Friday's...Ron's favorite and Hannah got a special balloon. TGI Friday's always give out balloons but not during the they made Hannah a special balloon and they made it pink (red balloon inside the clever) just for her.
While we were waiting for Hannah's balloon we were talking to one of the servers...she asked about our day. We told her we were up from Aberdeen to be fingerprinted and she asked "are you criminals". She was so funny as she is going through the process of becoming a foster family. She knows some of our pain in some little way.

That's about it for now.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cleaning Day at the Rovang Home

So I had a great big fat boring day of cleaning. I even cleaned all the blinds which I hate doing. I've decided this will definitely become a job for Miss Hannah when she is old enough.
I always reserve Saturday as my designated cleaning day. Reason being that in my mind daddy can entertain the 3 year old. This has never happened. She is always right under my feet just like a little puppy. Today he escaped to that Man Magnet called Menard's so once again I had clean with my little Hannah Helper slowing my progress. She is somewhat entertaining to me as she never shuts her trap. She is a little motor mouth. Today she was telling me all these great stories and singing me funny little comical.

My day was even more boring as I didn't get to workout this morning (which I do every Saturday). All my Hannah watchers were either in the hospital (Grandma), working at the hospital (daddy), or out of town (Danielle). So Hannah and I ended up playing extra hard to burn a few extra calories (this included jumping on my bed and having a huge pillow fight).

The house smells sooo good Ron is making us ham for dinner. He is the designated cook of this household. We can't wait until it is nice enough out to start grilling...he is master. His specialty is BBQ chicken.

Hope you all have a great weekend,


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good News

We are finally one step closer to Zoey. We were informed from our agency today that we are officially out of the Review Room. This means our dossier has now been reviewed and they start looking for what they call a match (our Zoey). I know we still have a long wait ahead of us but it was so exciting just to get this little bit of news that things are actually happening even if it is extremely slow.

Just to give you an idea of how much the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) has slowed down. When we adopted Hannah our Dossier was logged in Dec. 29th 2004 and we had our referral July 28th 2005. This time around our Dossier was logged in Dec. 6th 2006 and is just now headed to the matching area...Oh the labor pains of this adoption are so much worse than are first. But we continue to trust in God's timing as it is always perfect.

Please keep Hannah's Grandma Charlotte in your prayers. She is still in the hospital. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to take Hannah to see her in the hospital anymore...I think it is giving her bad dreams. We have been to the hospital the last two evenings and Hannah has woken up crying both nights. Last night was really bad...I was up all night starting at her back to sleep...2:30AM...kinda got her back to sleep...3AM up again. Thank God I am light enough to try and sleep with her in her converted crib. I am so exhausted tonight.
Hannah did have fun with her Grandpa Rovang today as a cleaned their house. I feel bad that I have been away and have not been able to help Charlotte. But I got things all spic an span today despite little Miss Hannah's HELP?

OK, on a lighter side (no pun intended). My crazy friend Nancy is unhappy with a few lbs she has gained and posted a photo of her belly on her blog. You can see it by clicking on A Journey in PA under my favorite blogs and view it on the right side of her blog. Maybe you can send some words of encouragement. This chick cracks me up. I hope she doesn't hate me for sharing this but she put it out there. (and if you are family you should read her blog she has been so sweet about Charlotte on her blog...I love her for caring and praying for Hannah's Grandma) The entry is entitled Negative Nancy (April 22).


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hannah the Baker

Hannah and I spent the afternoon baking banana bread. She loves to help me bake. I swear I bake banana bread at least once a week. Ron thinks it is a domestic offense if there is not a loaf in the house at all times.

We plan on taking a few pieces to grandma this evening as she is still in the hospital. She should enjoy the banana bread as it is her recipe.

Don't worry she didn't forget any ingredient. I was a good supervisor.



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home Safe & Sound

We arrived back safe and sound from Orlando. We had a great time, but it is nice to be back home. I made a slide show of our last couple of days.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Day in Orlando

Hi all, this is are last day in Orlando. We spent yesterday at the water park and we are all sporting a bit of a burn today.

We are going to spend the day at downtown Disney doing some shopping. Our flight doesn't leave for Minneapolis until 6:15PM so we have to find something to do with our day.

The photos are of Hannah playing the drums at Animal Kingdom and one night Ron built a wonderful fire (it was so cold it felt so good) and we made smores.

I will make a slide show of our Orlando trip to share when I get home.



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun time at Sea World

We had a great time at Sea World today. The girls loved the shows. We have one day left to enjoy Orlando. We plan on spending it at the water park at our resort. It is finally nice and warm.

Sea World

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun at Magic Kingdom

We had a great time at Magic Kingdom last night. The parade was spectacular...Hannah stayed up way past her bedtime and passed out on the way home and didn't wake up until 6:30AM (will somebody PLEASE remind her she is on vacation...and you need to sleep in you crazy kid). Enjoy the photos and we are happy that it is finally warming up.



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where's Cinderella?

Hannah has yet to find Cinderella but she did fine her Fairy God Mother.

Greetings from Orlando

Hey all we are in Florida where it is ironically colder than our home in South Dakota...that kinda sucks. We are having a good time despite the cool temps. We visited Animal Kingdom yesterday and did Magic Kingdom this morning and will return this evening to see the parade and fireworks. Hannah's cousin (Ashley) is having fun playing cards with the gang and playing miniature golf. It has been too cold to really enjoy the water park yet. My friend who lives down here came to visit on Sunday with her three kids and they did freeze their little tails in the pool. We then had a birthday party for her son Chandler. It was kind of funny because she also has a little girl Hannah's age whose name is also Hannah. The girls were a little confused when we would yell out the name Hannah.

We plan on visiting Sea World sometime this week and maybe do a little shopping. I will post some photos today and some later as it is expensive to use internet on the property. I will need to find a free place to use internet.



Friday, April 11, 2008

Latest about our trip

We had a fun time today...we went to Sam's Club, then had McDonald's for lunch...all kids love the play land at McDonald's. We then headed to MOA (Mall of America). Ashley has never been to MOA...she was very impressed with the whole setting. We then headed to Target and bought a few clothes for Ashley. Yes I bought one outfit for Hannah.
Ron is supposed to be arriving this evening on a flight from Aberdeen. Please pray this happens.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The weather still sucks

Well Hannah, I and Ashley made it to Minneapolis just fine today. The weather held unitl we got here and it began to rain. It is now getting worse and turning into snow. It was a fun trip with the girls...they seem to be best buds. I am going to try and talk Ron into flying in from Aberdeen tomorrow or Saturday AM so he can still make our flight on Saturday.

We stopped by Aunt Becky's and Uncle Pat's for a short visit and for Hannah to torture poor Sammy (the cat) before we headed to our final destination...Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Jim's. The girl's are going to have Pizza for supper. Right now they are entertaining us with a piano recital. Oh my ears!!! Thank God Bonnie jumped in for a quick piano lesson.

I don't what we will do tomorrow...we have a whole day with nothing to do but watch snow fall. I think we will go to Target because Ashley needs a few shirts for the trip. Hmmm will I be able to get out of there without purchasing something for Hurricane Hannah???? Probably not...did I mention Ron is not with me. Come to think of it he is probably worse than me when it comes to purchasing clothes for his little Princess.

Hope all is well with everyone and pray that Ron is able in some way to make our flight on Saturday.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pray we make it...

Hey all,

The weather here sucks...they are talking about 6-12 inches of snow. I am taking Hannah and meeting up with her cousin Ashley on the way to Minneapolis. We fly to Orlando on Saturday. Please pray for our travel and that Ron can catch up with us at some point. We will be positing photos on my blog once we get to Orlando.

So Frustrated

OK I am so done with the weather in SD. We are facing yet another winter storm as we are trying to get to Minneapolis so we can catch our flight to Orlando. It would be great if we could leave tomorrow morning to avoid the snow but Ron has a very busy day scheduled at work so we won't be able to leave until Thursday evening. The forecast is not good for Thursday evening so pray the storm will weaken and we will have good travel.

Hannah has been dragging her luggage around the house for a couple of days now saying "I'm all packed for my veecation". It is really cute. She keeps saying "Daddy is taking me on a veecation". I ask if I can come too? Her reply is her signature "Sure" (kinda of pronounced like Goofy says "Gorsh" is cute.

Have a good day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Playing in the Snow

Hey Friends,

We got a bunch of the white didn't have to go to school today. I know I always loved getting a snow day when I was a kid. Of course Hannah & I headed out to play in the snow before it all melts in a day. They are predicting snow again by the end of the week...pray this doesn't happen as we will be traveling on Friday to the Minneapolis. We will be flying to Orlando on can snow like crazy while were gone.

As I type this Hannah is busy putting every hair clip/barrette in her hair

...It is quite comical. No I won't be tricked into another haircut from my 3 year old.

My Friend Nancy keeps asking for a photo of my bad haircut...if I get enough requests I may just post it.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Please God No More Snow!!!!!!!

Remind me of what season we are in...Spring right. Some how the calendar is off in Aberdeen, SD. It is blizzarding...I'm not kidding. The wind is blowing like crazy and the snow is flying. I am soooo sick of this winter. The only good thing about this snow is I get one more chance to sled with Hannah on the man made sledding hill that Aberdeen created (Aberdeen is completely flat). Hannah is very sad that her skating party was Saturday. She will miss it as we will be in Florida.

Of course we spent the whole day inside because of the sideways spitting snow. Hannah and I watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. One of my favorite shows from my childhood. Hannah loved it. It really brought back memories of watching it with my mother. It made me sad that I couldn't call her up and say "do you remember when we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hannah the Hairdresser

Ok Hannah decided her new haircut needed some jazzing up. I know she looks cute but I could have rung her little neck today. Before she put all the berets in her hair she was doing mine. She had a pair of tongs and was pretending to cut my hair. She then ran into my bathroom to get the berets (no big deal right). Soon after I felt her trying to brush something off my back. What the heck...she was really cutting my hair. She had gotten the scissors while in the bathroom and clipped a big chunk of hair from the back of my head. This is so wrong...what was she thinking. I was not very happy as it is not really fixable (I will be wearing a ponytail for the next couple years. If you know me you know I already have issues with my hair. I have not had it cut since before we went to China to get this little hair wrecker (my hair grows extremely slow). Needless to say the scissors will be hidden from now on. Aren't 3 year olds supposed to cut their own hair to their mother's horror and not the other way around.

Hannah is very excited to attend her first roller skating party tomorrow. It will be her first time on skates. The Kindermusik gang is all getting together for the party. She has been talking about it for a month. I think her friends Danielle & Hannah (yes our neighbor's girl is also named Hannah) will be joining her. Fun Fun Fun

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Adoption Poem & Update

God laid the desire in our hearts
From his wishes we will not depart.

Some say "Why go so far away?
How much will you have to pay?

Aren't there children in the USA?"
Whether a child is from here or there
Isn't it our job to love and care?

Children are a priceless treasure
Blessings that we cannot measure.

God wants us to hold them tight
Whether they are yellow, black or white.

We wish we could save them all
Sadly, we can only answer our call.

We must go to a foreign land
For us, this is what God commands.

Our China Doll was waiting
And there was no hesitating.

We stuck to our decision
God made every provision.

Cast all your doubts and fears aside
Come along and enjoy the ride.

Author Unknown

News from our step closer

America World is excited to announce the receipt of 10 healthy female referrals today! Families receiving referrals were logged into the China Center of Adoption Affairs on January 6, 2006 (group 245). The little girls are currently located in the Jiangxi Province,and range in age from 5 to 15 months. Please join us in congratulating these families on this exciting day, and in praying for them as they prepare to travel.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hannah's Day

An Apple a Day keeps the Dr. away unless the Dr. is your daddy

Hannah was a sleepy head this morning. I had to go make sure she was still breathing. She slept past 8AM. She hasn't done this in ages. She is so sweet in the morning. We rocked for a little while and I thought to myself...I love this little girl so much how will I be able to love her little sister as much? But I'm sure I will.

Hannah is getting her haircut today so she will be already for her big trip to Orlando. She is very excited for the trip as her cousin Ashley will be joining her for the week.

Have a great day.