Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ron and I worked on Mahlet's hair for almost 3 hours last night.
She was pretty patient through the whole process. What a girl that wants straight hair so much will put herself through????
She was very happy with the results...
She is a beauty...but I still like the curls as the straight hair makes her look so much older than 10.

She is an Aida (Ethiopian Princess)
Rock Star want to be
This photo will probably show up when she graduates.
This one too.
This kid never takes a bad photo

I love this photo!!! Hard to explain why unless you have seen these two together and the strong sisterhood they have.
I love my girls!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hannah's Big Day

Hannah had her 1st violin lesson today. She was up at 6AM telling me she was too excited to sleep anymore.
Her instructor has some fun techniques. Hannah got to bring this mock violin home to practice on. I was really impressed with Hannah at her lesson tonight as she really has a hard time being still and she was excellent. Next time you see her ask her to bow for you...first thing the teacher taught her.

The other exciting thing Hannah got to do was go to the Museum with her preschool. They were supposed to do this las Thursday but school was canceled because of the blizzard so today was a makeup day. I had signed up to be a helper so it was fun for me to tag along...we actually walked from the church to the museum...brrr
Unlike most little girls Hannah is not a screamer...she is a sushhhher. This girl doesn't like it loud. Her preschool teacher got several photos of Hannah trying to quiet the kids.

Hannah playing with a shoe stretcher...I guess they needed their shoes to last as long as possible back in the day.
The kids really liked all the animals. It was tricky for the teacher to explain the museum since some children have seen "Night at the Museum"...nothing is going to come to life.

Like in the olden days when their was an operator using phone plug-ins to connect your call. The kids had fun playing with this system and talking to each other once the connection was made...they loved it.

The one big added bonus for the girls. Just after we got done looking at the Snow Queen exhibit who should they see but a group of Snow Queens. They were snow queens from MN visiting for our Snow Queens festival this weekend. The girls saw the tiaras and that's all that will be remembered from visit. Hannah talked about it all day.

Some of you may know that we sponsor a teenage boy in Haiti...just want to let you know we heard word today that he is safe...PTL.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In The News

Fresh start in America

New language, home for Ethiopian girl adopted by Hub City couple

BY Elissa Dickey,

Published on Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Molly Rovang watches as English as a Second Language instructor Tracy Norman grades her spelling test. (American News Photo by Anita Meyer)

Molly Rovang turned down three families before the right one came along.

"She's got a strong faith," said her mom, Bliss Rovang of Aberdeen. "...She always would tell them, 'My family is in the U.S. I have to wait for them.'”

Bliss and her husband, Ron, adopted Molly, 10, from Ethiopia last year. At first, Molly - who signs all her schoolwork in her Ethiopian name, Mahlet (pronounced Ma-ha-LEET) - knew very little English.

But you wouldn't know that today, thanks in big part to the Aberdeen Public School District's English as a Second Language program.

The program - which started last year in C.C.
Lee Elementary and moved this year to the District
Service Center - aims to help English language learners
develop language proficiency (reading, writing, speaking
and listening) while maintaining academics at grade level.

The 15 elementary students involved in the English as a
Second Language program are enrolled in their home
elementary school and bused daily to and from the district
service center. One middle school student and two high
school students are receiving direct English as a Second
Language services - meaning the services are part of the
students' daily schedule, said Assistant Superintendent
Becky Guffin. Another two students are being monitored
in the classroom, Guffin said.
At the District Service Center, grades K-5 start together
each morning with instructor Tracy Norman, but then
kindergartners go to a different classroom. The group joins
again at the end of class.

Many languages

The students' native tongues include Chinese, Hmong,
Russian and Spanish. And Molly's native language is
Amharic. She started with the English as a Second
Language program officially this fall, Bliss Rovang said.
"Her English is really, really good compared to
what it was," Rovang said. "...She really adores Tracy."

On Monday, Molly, a fifth-grader at C.C. Lee, acted as
Norman's helper, passing out the markers for a game of
bingo. But it wasn't a typical bingo game: The squares
contained pictures of common objects, such as foods.
Other language teaching tools that are used along with the
curriculum include computer programs, flashcards
and one-on-one reading with the teacher. Also, most Fridays, the
students read to District Service Center staff members in a
"reading buddy" program, Guffin said. Building the students'
trust is also an important component, Norman said.

'Very capable' students

Norman said English as a Second Language instructors don't
want the students to lose their native language. But it's easy
for some of the students to fall behind in learning English
over the summer and long breaks if they don't speak it at
home, she said. It's just one of the differences between the
English as a Second Language classroom and other
classrooms, she said, and it's why summer school is offered.

"They're all very capable students," Norman said. "It's just
that English gets in the way."

Norman, who has been an educator for more than 30 years,
said as a language instructor, she gets more opportunities to
work with students one on one. She knows their needs
better. Having a small group helps.

"I've really enjoyed it. I've learned a lot," she said. "I really
have gotten attached to my kids and my families." Molly is
quite attached to school, her mom said - she hates to miss a

Ethiopian family

Molly was born north of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa.
Her birth parents are both deceased. She never knew her
father; her mom died when she was about 7. She lived with
her grandmother until the woman wasn't able to care for
Molly anymore. Molly had been in an orphanage in Addis
Ababa for about 11/2 to two years before the Rovangs
adopted her. When they flew home, it was Molly's first
airplane ride - a 22-hour flight. "She slept the entire time,"
Bliss Rovang said, except when her mom woke her up to
see the lights of Rome at night.

It was hard for Molly right away leaving behind her home
country and everything she knew. At first, her mom had to
sleep with her, and Molly would cry every night before
falling asleep. "I couldn't imagine putting myself in her shoes
for one second," Bliss Rovang said. "Just visiting another
country is scary enough." Now, she has transitioned well,
her mom said. And she has had several firsts: Snow and
extreme cold are new to her.

Loves spicy food

Also, "It took a long time for her to get used to the food,"
her mom said. Ethiopian food is very spicy, she said, and
Molly loves spicy foods. She also ate a lot of pasta with red
sauce at the orphanage, and spaghetti is still her favorite.

The Rovangs want Molly to hold onto her language. She
keeps in touch with some of her Ethiopian friends from the
orphanage who were adopted into families in other U.S.

This summer, Rovang is taking her daughters to China on a
mission trip, where they will visit the former orphanage of
the Rovangs' younger daughter, Hannah, 5. Hannah was
adopted when she was 10 months old, so when she goes to
school, she won't need to use the English as a Second
Language program, her mom said.

Bliss Rovang said her daughters adore each other. Molly is a
great kid, she said. Not that there was ever any doubt that
Molly would fit in with her family.

The Rovangs at first were going to try to adopt an infant
from Ethiopia, Bliss Rovang said. But then they saw Molly's
face on the list of waiting children. "We decided she was
supposed to be our daughter.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rovang Family Violin Practice

We all took turns practicing with Hannah's violin.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day Discovery

WeW, What a day. It began with Mahlet being very angry that she didn't have school because all the snow. I'm not kidding she was very angry and she made it seem all my fault...Lord have mercy. This kid hates to miss school, but yet is very lazy when it comes to learning. It's all about seeing her boyfriends. We were able to go to lunch as a family at McDonald's. It is a crazy family tradition we started way back when Hannah was just little...blizzard=lunch at McDonald's. The other highlight of the day was Hannah got her 2nd dose of H1N1 flu mist so she is covered. We went to pick Ron up at his office and one of his nurses said she had one she could give Mahlet (Mahlet's Dr. didn't have the mist) so both girls are vaccinated...Yeah.

My big snow day discovery was that my old digital camera that I thought was broken (and talked my husband into a very expensive new upgrade) still works. So now I have four digital cameras...if you know me I am all about photography so having 4 cameras is not unusual but recovering one from what I was thought to be from the dead is like BONUS!!!!
Just to show that the camera works...this was taken totally in a darkened room starring Ms. Mahlet.
Hannah with her Barbie scooter....I'm #1

Just to show my camera is great at macro focus
Cool new controls on my dryer...I actually don't mind doing laundry with my new appliances.
Very annoying toy from McDonald's but it was sitting on my Washer to test my camera's focus
Another test of my camera's focus in very low light...dark closet. I think we are fine.

So happy my camera is out of remission. I'm telling you I am so happy that it works but a little baffled about the whole situation.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Post Christmas/New Year

We had a good post Christmas/New Years with Ron's family in the Twin Cities. Hannah absolutely loved her princess chest and scooter. Don't have many photos of Mahlet as she ran away from the family to try out her new Wii game.

Don't all princess get around on a Barbie scooter?

Such a princess