Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a very wonderful and quiet Christmas this year. Just the four of us. It was actually kind of nice. The only bummer is we didn't get to go sledding because of the blizzard. And it is a doozy. I don't remember in my whole life having a blizzard on Christmas day.
Wow look at all the presents...and we actually missed a few that were in Hannah's pile.
Hannah made out pretty good too.
Yes, Hannah got a violin for Christmas. She has been wanting to play the violin since she was 2.
Hannah's quote of the day. I am so impressed with my gifts but especially my violin.

I got Ron a kids race car set. We were all so bumbed as it required
C cell batteries and we had none and it is like the worst blizzard in forever so no racing today.
Do you think he liked it????


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Nancy Lee said...

I LOVE RONS' FACE!!!!! What a blessed Christmas! Now when do you leave for your Jamaican vacation???? Miss you so much my dear friend! Love ya too! Nancy Lee