Thursday, December 11, 2008

We've been Robbed!!

I am going crazy because I can't find my Christmas CDs. My husband and I have searched every inch of our house and they are no where to be found. I think the Grinch is trying to steal Christmas from us. I am going through with drawl not having my Christmas music. I was able to find one CD to play while Hannah and I decorated the tree but where in the world is my favorite...Maria Carey, Amy Grant and M.W. Smith CDs? This is especially hard since we went to M.W. Christmas concert in the cities and I can't find my CDs. This is such an issue that has kept me up at night (along with being ill since Monday...more a bit later). If you know me I am a bit anal when it comes to my CDs...yes they are put in alphabet order and the same applies for Christmas (special category) but where in the world are my CDs???.

About being ill...I had to reschedule my dental implant...I was no where well enough to go. I am now being treated with antibiotics for a severe sinus infection...Oh so painful.

Hannah is sporting a great big ugly lip. She did a face plant on the tile floor tonight that made my stomach jump. I was amazed that she only cried a few minutes...she is such a trooper...and loved looking at her big fat lip in the mirror.



Charley said...
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Charley said...

Can I ask why you had to get a dental implant? Chattanooga dentists recommended that to me when I had odontectomy. It got really uncomfortable knowing that I had a missing tooth, with food passing to and fro the space where it used to be. That was the first time I heard about dental implants. Chattanooga dentists were courteous enough to educate me before doing the procedure. I used to think that once you missed a tooth, you can't have anything replace it. Well, I'm glad to know I was wrong.