Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ron and the girls planted a little garden last evening
We found this cute little bunny in our window well

Hannah was thrilled with the bunny and Mahlet was scared to death


Nancy Lee said...

Too too cute! Are you keeping the bunny? Sorry Molly was scared, I wouldn't take her to the zoo any time soon! Jake was freaked with the 100 lb lab until I said ENOUGH and forced the kid to hysterically scream,kick, and shake all the while petting the dog. Vader just sat there and looked at Jake like he was crazy. The dog was smart. Anyhow, 3 minutes later, Jake was cool, calm, and collected. Made a best friend that day and many days that followed. YES, I miss the dog! Love ya, Nan

Apryl said...

I love the headbands you have in Mahlet's hair. In the chicken pox picture, it looks like she and Sally have the same type of hair. I've had a hard time finding thick headbands, but that 'do is my favorite. Where did you get all of them?

Btw, I'm so glad that the girls are getting along so well, that is such a blessing!