Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Photo

Molly got her school photos back today. I think she is so dang pretty. But I might just be biased.

We have really stepped up the discipline with Molly lately. Her behavior had gotten so disrespectful we had to do something. We took all electronic privileges away for a whole week and each time she talked back or stormed off mad she lost another day. Taking away the electronics has worked so well. She understood that she had to quit yelling at us and respect us. I'm not kidding her behavior has improved 95%. We come home from school and I put her to work cleaning or we all do a project. She is such a happy girl since TV has been taken away. I think she just enjoys spending some quality time with me but I do know she still wants to watch her TV. I say this as today was supposed to be her 1st day with 1 hour of TV but she messed up and she lost another day. She was excited after school thinking she would get to watch TV once we were home and I said "No TV". She instantly was upset and tried her best to control her anger (which I was so impressed with....our system is working). Once we got home she looked at the calendar that we marked what days she loses stuff she loves. She cried and acted out so I told her that cost her 1 more day of no TV. I then sent her to her room to clean it and she did and by the time she was done she was little miss happy. So this is my question for other mother's that read my blog. Do I just take away TV all together?

As for Hannah she had her first field trip with her preschool today. It was to a local park and I'm sure she had fun. She made it perfectly clear that I was not welcome on the trip.



Sara S. said...

Hi Bliss,

I would recommend limiting her TV time to the weekends. When I brought my 10 and 11 year old daughters home from ET last year they had the exact same problem.

I finally limited their TV time to two hours each on the weekends. Since we have a DVR they can record the shows they want to watch and then choose when they want to watch it over the weekend. This way they can decide if they want to use all of their TV time up Friday night or spread it out.

This has helped (The first time they realized that they used all of their time up and had no more for the rest of the week they were devastated) limit the tantrums.

However I allowed them to also watch American Idol (when it starts) with my husband and I (I think of it is family time :)

Sara S.
T & B- home in fall of 2008

GagnonAdoptionJourney said...

Bliss, Ava is gounded from TV right now(for being sassy) and believe it or not, everytime I take away TV she is WAY HAPPIER!!I can't figure it out.Now with school she really doesn't watch much. She loves to play her music in her room.We are suspending our Sat. for awhile this winter to do more things together and save some $$.lol See you in a couple of weeks.blessings, dawn g