Friday, January 30, 2009

Little Shot big tears

Hannah had to get her Hepatitis A booster today and Wow what a production she put on. This girl went from giggling and telling her nurse Thank you for a shot the previous three years of her life to I am going to cry and be as stiff as a board before you stick that neetle into my leg. The very patient nurse was finally able to get the job done and Hannah just sobbed saying"I just want my daddy"...I hate that I have to by the bad guy that takes her to get shots. Although this has been the first bad experience. We headed directly over to Daddy's office just across the street still tears in her eyes and she didn't want much to do with him but just clung to me...that made me feel a little better.

Reason for the shot is if we decide to take her with us to ET. We had pretty much made the desicion not to take her when we thought we would just be traveling for an infant. The trip would have been too much for her and us both. God has been really working in our hearts as far as adopting an older child and that is what we are pursuing at this time. I can't really give out too many details at this time but am very excited about adding a 10 yr. old ET girl to our family. If everything works out we would want Hannah to join us on our trip.

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