Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a nice Thanksgiving at my Ron's brother's house. Hannah could care less about the meal (she is not much of an eater). All she wanted was the lefse. The kid loves lefse...she is the best Chinese/Norwegian. Although I think she would draw the line at lutefisk...who wouldn't.

Ron and I were hoping to have some time together this weekend to talk and pray about a big decision we need to make about our adoption. He is on call this holiday weekend and has been working almost non-stop since Thursday evening. When he does finally get home he is so exhausted he just wants to rest but the phone rings all night. Thankfully we have been praying a lot prior to this weekend and God has been working things out so we are pretty certain how he is leading us and we are both in agreement on how we should proceed. I would love to share what this is all about but am not comfortable at this point...too many things up in the air.

There are couple of Minnesota families traveling to get their children this week. We were able to meet them a few weeks ago and super excited to meet their children. You can check out their blogs Wistroms and Hutchinsons . The Wistroms are adopting two handsome boys and Hutchinsons are adding two precious girls to their family.



Nancy Lee said...

What is lefse??? Sister in Christ, what ever your adoption need, I'm praying for you! God is holding tight! Love ya, Nancy

Nancy Lee said...

PS I love the blog, I need to shop with you, you did a great job!!!

Clayton & Amber said...

Any news? Call me or email me when you can. I'm DYING!!!