Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Adoption Frustration

We received this information from our agency (you might need to reference the FAQ sidebar of my blog). We are in the process of updating our USCIS approval...(I-171H...we received an appointment for fingerprinting for April 3rd but had to request another date) once the paperwork is filed the I-171h is good for 18 months. With the trend of the wait time continuing to slow down (and I don't think the Olympics will help anything) we might have to renew for a 3rd time (another $900 application fee). Please pray that this is not the case...Ron says if we have to renew for a 3rd time we will drop out of the program. Please pray for God's will in this situation...we have a lot invested into the China program. We do have the option of going special needs that would speed up the process...just please keep our situation in your prayers.

Message from Agency

China Program
USCIS Changes: Hague ImplementationThe Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption will be ratified on April 1st , 2008. As of this date, USCIS will be implementing new forms in place for adoption cases in Hague Convention countries. As China & El Salvador are Hague Convention countries, starting April 1st, 2008 paperchasing families with new applications to USCIS will be submitting the I-800a in place of the I-600a.

Any family who submits an I-800a is considered a Hague case. In addition to the I-800a, Hague cases are required to complete 10 hours of adoption education. America World will provide 2 hours of education at the referral and travel stages of a family’s adoption process. The additional 8 hours will need to be completed by the family through the online training, The International Adoption Journey. Families can access The International Adoption Journey at . The cost of this training is $175 per couple or $95 per single.

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