Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beautiful Day

I jumped for JOY when I saw this return address when I checked the mail today. Those who have been through the process of International Adoption know what I mean. This is the document that most families wait for as it is the last document in the long process of paper chasing that you receive. I was not expecting it today...but my bible study friends prayed yesterday for a speedy return and Praise God that is what we got. I was completely ready for it...had all my other documents in place to be sent off to our Capitol for Certification. We should have them back by Monday morning and will arrive at our adoption agency on Tuesday.
Beautiful day part 2...the colors are so beautiful this year and we don't even have to leave our back yard to enjoy the them.

I love this little row of trees right behind our house...they produce the best colors every year.

God is so good,


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Clay and Tracy said...

Great blog!!! Love keeping up with other people that are going through the same process