Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We had fun carving pumpkins tonight. Ron dug them out and I carved the faces...I only got one done and will share the other one tomorrow. Hannah had fun.

I encourage you all to vist our fellow AWA families that our currently in ET meeting their little ones. Their blogs are listed on the right of my blog.

The other news to share from today is that Hannah gave herself a haircut. I have to thank my good Lord that it was quite minor compared to some children's self haircuts. She cut a good share of her locks off her right side. I just about lost it when I saw all the hair she had cut. I'm telling you I was more upset about her cutting her hair than when she cut my hair (most of you know the story of my three year old cutting my hair...sneaky girl). Thankfully I think I will be able to cover it up for our family photo we always take in December (Hannah's Birthday and Christmas card photo).

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