Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dossier Out of Here!!!!

What a great day. I left Fed Ex feeling much lighter. With our dossier and all the copies and photo pages the paperwork weighed 2 lbs. It will arrive at our agency Thursday morning. They will take it to the US State Dept. to get it authenticated. It is such an awesome feeling knowing that our dossier will soon be in ET.

Now the long wait begins...we have a lot of experience in the waiting game (not fun). We waited 8 months for Hannah's referral from China. Then we waited almost 2 years for our second adoption from China before dropping out of the program. Now it looks like it will be around 9 months of waiting for our baby girl from ET. But you know the saying "A good thing (baby) is worth waiting for" and we are willing to wait on God's perfect timing for the baby he has designed just for our family. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this phase as it can become a very anxious time. Also keep the health of the babies in your prayers as some of them don't get to meet their "forever family's" before they meet their creator.


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The Gillman Family said...


Congrats!!!!! We will be praying your wait goes by quickly and easily.

Kim (YG)