Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Jamaica Photos

We celebrated Ron's birthday (Mar. 2) while in Jamaica
OMG...I didn't realize how big my baby has gotten she is half my size

Zoe is Hannah's favorite character

It looks like she is preparing to do a forward roll but I think she is just getting her hair wet.

Hannah loved going down this slide. There are really cool huge slides that she can enjoy next time with her big sister.
Hannah was such a fish all week. The only way to get her out of the pool was to offer her a Pina Colada. I can't even begin to tell you how many she downed. The resort has self serve dispensers of both Pina Coladas and Strawberry daiquiris. She didn't get any of the Strawberry daiquiris as we think she has developed a strawberry allergy. If it is true it is very sad because she LOVES strawberries.
We did have a good time in Jamaica but the weather was a bit disappointing. We have been to Jamaica 5 times now and have never had anything but perfect hot sunny days. This time around it rained was windy and just a bit chilly for swimming. I'm not saying it rained all would sometimes rain at night and take a while to clear up in the morning or there would be a cloud burst without any warning...just strange weather.
The other problem with the vacation is I had many problems accessing Internet. I was able to receive the email that our court date was changed...but that just made me nuts because I wasn't able to check other messages...if you know me you know I am addicted to the YG. I truly think the stress of it all made me a bit ill...Ron agrees...I am addicted and was suffering some sort of withdrawal symptoms. Just to let you know I had to sift through over a thousand messages once I got home...yes I am still sleep deprived. I was able to get all the laundry done and my house cleaned this weekend...totally against my will. But now with this new court date we really need to decided if we are going to take Hannah with us to Ethiopia. Before we left for Jamaica we had made up our minds to leave her with family...but if we travel in April that family will be welcoming a new grand baby in GA. We will just have to pray God gives us wisdom on what to do....

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