Sunday, March 15, 2009

This & That

Not much to share today except...more cleaning. I am like a machine and it feels so good to be getting rid of so much stuff. I am planning on having my very first rummage sale...YIKES (if you have any advice please share in my comments). We have always just donated all our stuff to the church for their HUGE rummage sale but this year I decided that I would have my own to raise funds for the needs of Kids Care Orphanage in ET. I think I am crazy as I already have a million things to get done before we travel. We have so much stuff I think we could make a fortune but if you know me I would just be willing to give it away free just to get rid of it...but I have to think it is actually raising funds for children in need. OK I just had an "AH HA" moment. I could actually have the rummage sale after we got back from ET as I could show in photos the poverty and the real need for funds. Maybe people would give more??? And I would have my little M***to show off to neighborhood.

On a side note: I forgot to share about Hannah and our travel to Jamaica. We are blessed with the best child traveler ever. She is only 4 but and has traveled around the world like a Rock Star. On this last trip I packed all the things a Mom of a 4 yr. old would pack to take on the plane so they would be entertained (you know DVD player...books, fun coloring stuff). What a waste of my time and effort going through security. This is how Hannah spent her time on each plane. First, hand her boarding pass to the agent and say "My name is Hannah Wen Shu Rovang". She would find our seats. Sit down and buckle her seatbelt and pick out and study the saftey placard and study it for at least an hour. I am not kidding. She did this on every flight...I was reading a book but I would look over and see her acting out the moves on the placard. She would then proceed to just talk and talk and talk...OK if this all I have to deal with a traveling child I'll take it.

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