Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a Day

Molly got to where her Ethiopian soccer jersey to were supposed to wear something that tells something about you

Practicing her moves during music time

Each grade got to perform a song on stage...Go Molly

I am proud at how well she did at VBS. She learned all the words and all the actions.

Sisters...God is good
Trust me my day was busy...VBS in the morning VBS at night, Kindermusik, gymnastics...and a lot of other stuff that is just part of being a mom and wife.
Molly had her last night of VBS. She has had the best time this week. I am so thankful. Her English has improved so much this past week and she is making friends. Got to get to bed...

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Nancy Lee said...

I love the huggy picture!I pray their friendship grows strong! Sisters are priceless and then some!Love you much! Nancy Lee