Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

I did no labor today (well know the floor has to be swept and the dishes done and getting Hannah dressed, fed and entertained). We all headed to McDonald's for breakfast (I had already eaten because if you know me I get up between 4 & 5AM so I can have some alone time). Hannah wolfed down some hot cakes and Ron had his favorite sausage McMuffin with cheese (can you believe an internal medicine doctor with a bit of high colesterol eats that junk). After McDonald's we came home and went for a long walk with Hannah. It was not a pleasant walk for a few reasons. 1. It was horribly windy 2. It was extremely humid 3. My leg muscles were so very sore as Ron & I went for our first run in nearly 8 months (Saturday). Oh the pain. Of course we stopped at the park along the way and then again at the duck/goose lake and then again when we spotted a gigantic turtle (believe me it was a huge snapping turtle and as ugly as can be).
Hannah and I spent the afternoon shopping for her fall wardrobe. She has grown so much this summer she has barely a stitch of clothing that will fit her this fall. I got some pretty good bargains at Shopko (50% off). Shopko is my favorite place to get clothes...they have the cutest outfits at very reasonable prices.
When we got home Hannah played in the yard (with a couple visits from our neighbors dog "Stitches") while daddy did yard work and I sat on the front porch reading. I loved that I could sit on the porch and read my own book...I usually read library books to Hannah on the porch each afternoon. I will miss this once the weather gets cold.
I have to say besides the weather and my sore muscles is was a pretty relaxing day.
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.


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Kowalczyk said...

One fish two fish red fish blue fish, what book did you get to read???? Is it cold there yet? We had a few days of cold and then blistering dry heat for weeks on end. I just gave up on the plants and am enjoying the dead grass. I'm praying for Ron's mother and hope she will have peace soon from all her sickness! Love you so much sister! Nancy Lee