Thursday, September 4, 2008

Remembering my Mother

Today would have been my mother's 65 birthday (she is in heaven right now scolding me for telling everyone in the world her age). She passed away in Feb. 07 from lung cancer. So I have been thinking about her a lot today. It really struck me as I was visiting my mother-in-law in the hospital today (she too is battling cancer). It is so hard to see loved ones have to struggle with this awful disease.
Adoption Update
Our Home Study is done and approved by our adoption agency. This is great news as we can now proceed on to getting our immigration paperwork updated (country change request...we get one freebie). Things should move very quickly from here on out and our dossier will hopefully be in Ethiopia in the next month or so...please pray that there will be no hick-ups along the way.
Cool News
I got a call today from my friend whose family has been thinking about adopting. We spent the whole summer talking at the water park as our kids played together (a lot about our adoption and their not being sure about what to do). Here is how our God works. I told them when they first approached us about their interest in adoption..."if God has put a tug on your heart there is a reason". Here is the cool part. I was reading one of my fellow Ethiopian family blogs (last evening) and came across the same sort of message and instantly thought about this family. I was going to call her and tell her my thoughts about their thoughts about adopting. She beat me to it. They actually got a call from a Christian Agency (last evening) that their friends used to adopt. She called me saying we have decided to adopt. I was so happy. This is a great family and any child will be so blessed with them (2 girls and a boy...Hannah calls him her boyfriend but don't tell Evan because he is the other man in her life). It will be a domestic adoption and there are many factors involved so please keep this family in prayer as they will have many decisions to make in the coming days.


Clay and Tracy said...

Good luck with everything. We are just finishing our home study too. I am excited!! We too are with AWAA!Love your blog!

Kowalczyk said...

Bliss, when you look in the mirrow do you say "hello mother?" Wow she is simply so beautiful, you are so much like her! She was such a wonderful woman and I know you miss her so much in this adoption. When you pick up the phone to call her and tell her that exciting news and it hits you the long distance won't reach, dial my number and share with me! Love you bunches sis! Nancy Lee