Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Harvest

Hannah picked her carrots last night. We planted carrots (in a little cup) last Spring in her story time at the library. We transplanted them outside at the end of May. My husband said they would not grow. I guess we showed him. They were huge and delicious (we washed them up and cut one up...very tasty). The taste made up for how ugly a couple of them appeared.
The other big event this weekend is that Hannah had her bible presentation at our church this morning. Our church presents all 3 year olds with a children's bible (they also get presented a bible when they are in 3rd grade).

Other fun things from today worth mentioning

We attended an ice cream social with other families from our church with young children (Hannah brought her 2 aunts who were visiting from out of town). The bad thing is it started thundering about an hour into the event and the wind really picked up so we headed home. On our way home it started to rain pretty hard and we were able to rescue one of our neighbors (before the rain got to heavy) who was on a run and about 3 miles away from home. I think she was pretty grateful as it really started to come down with a strong wind shortly after she got in our van.

Our Minnesota Twins one their final game for the season. Bad thing is we don't know if they won their division as the White Sox also won and need to play a makeup game with Detroit tomorrow if they lose the Twins head to the playoffs. If the White Sox win they have to play a tie breaking game with the Twins. Go Detroit...beat those sox right off of Chicago. OK I'm sorry if you are White Sox fan...I know you hope the results are just the opposite...may the best team win (please make that team the Tigers).



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