Friday, September 12, 2008

Munchkin Run #2

And they're off...

Hannah participated in her second Munchkin run of the season. She did OK not as good as last time as it was held after the X-Country meet in the evening and we had played outside all afternoon of course running around so her legs were tired. But for a 3 year old just to finish a 400 meter run is excellent.

Look at that form...she could teach those girls sandwiching her a thing or two

OK let's not talk about form but look at the smile on her face

She's in the just about finished and looking strong

The Big Finish

The reward (all the kids get a ribbon and the results are actually published in the paper). I am pretty sure Hannah enjoyed the ice cream we went for after her race far better than any little ribbon.

Speaking of running we have started it again after a 8 month lay off. I have not run since January as I had a broken bone in my foot. I don't know what my husband's excuse is but regardless we started running again a couple weeks ago and it has felt so good. I would love to do another marathon someday but it might have to be to celebrate my 50th. Although, I have a lot of friends who run and have small children we could work out kid sitting plan.


Kowalczyk said...

OK, that's it, I'm moving to Aberdeen! What an awesome city you live in, always something to do! I'm sure your already missing the water park as much as I am missing the sun! I love you guys so much! Nancy

Kowalczyk said...

where are you??? are you busy with more paperwork or anxiety? just missin ya that's all! love nanlee