Thursday, April 9, 2009


We are still fighting with the National Visa Center. They are claiming they don't have our updated approval from the USCIS office. I know they have to have it as I have a copy of it myself. I have Sen. Tim Johnson helping us out in this situation and it needs to be resolved today so we can travel as scheduled. I really don't have time to mess with this very disorganized govt. office today. So hopefully the Senator can get it fixed for us.

As is that isn't enough on top of trying to get everything packed. We were scheduled to get Mahelet's bed delivered today and I called to see what time that would be and they said we were not on the schedule and they were full and couldn't deliver it today. OK that bed will be delivered today even if I have to get the Senator's help on that too.LOL

And now with all this stress I have a bad cold.

Very busy and that is all I have time for today.


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Kari said...

Dear Bliss...we are praying for every detail to happen TODAY. God is faithful!!
Mahelet needs her bed:))
We can't wait to hear the miracles...keep us updated!!!