Monday, April 6, 2009


I know it has been a while but I have been busy helping stimulate the economy with my daily trips to Wal Mart. I have spent so much money this past week getting everything we need for travel as well as clothes for Mahelet. It has been crazy since we got less than two weeks notice that we would be traveling earlier than we had planned. As if that wasn't enough Hannah has been really sick the last few days. I actually had to take her to urgent care Saturday morning (a first for me). The Dr. was swamped and didn't do any lab work just did the basics gave us a scrip for an antibiotic and sent us on our way. What a waste of my precious time as her dad could have done that. Anyway the meds didn't work and she was way worse by Sunday evening. Her cough turned into a constant bark. It was BAD and really looked like we would be making a trip to the ER. My husband was on his way home to assess the situation and began rebuking satan and his attack on our family. He walked in the door and the coughing quit instantly. He listened to her lungs and they sounded clear. We put her to bed and she slept peacefully all night with no coughing. Thank you Jesus. She woke this morning just her happy smiley self.

OK seriously I have to get packing...FOCUS Bliss FOCUS.


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Kari:) said...

Bliss....all I can say is WOWWW!! We are praying for are almost there:)