Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cool Clouds

I swear South Dakota has some of the most beautiful clouds...I couldn't resist taking a few shots.

Of course I couldn't resist a shot
of little Miss Hannah
Fun Day
It was finally a day that felt like summer. Temp in the high 80's YES I LOVE IT. Hannah and I were at the water park all afternoon. I wore a different suit so have some redness (in spots not previously exposed to sun) to show for our day in the sun. Hannah is just 5 shades darker. I have always been proud at how fast I tan (for a white blond girl) but I can not compete with my almond eyed, already tanned skinned daughter. We've only been to the water park 4 times and she is already so dark. I predict by the end of summer she will be almost as dark as her little sister (to be). Yes, her little sister will be black (from Ethiopia). I can't believe how many people ask me that question when they find out we are adopting from Africa.
I got 2 hours off the mommy job this morning as Hannah had Kindermusik camp. She only has two more sessions left. She so loves it. I am so loving to see her personality develop each day. She does not have a shy bone in her body. To me she has a very Chinese personality. I need to explain...I went on a mission trip with our adoption agency before we adopted Hannah. I encountered the real Chinese culture...they are for the most part loud and obnoxious (especially during a public meal and the older kids would be overly affectionate to perfect strangers. Hannah is becoming more and more like this each day.
She is the most affectionate little girl. She hugs and kisses me each day and tells me "mommy I love you"


Kowalczyk said...

Is your baby going to be black?

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Kowalczyk said...

Oh, are you sure? heh eheh eheh