Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hannah's Haircut/Adoption Update

Hannah's new do
Hannah got her haircut today. I have to thank dear Becky as she does a great job on this very wiggly girl. Anybody that knows Hannah knows it is against her nature to sit still for anything. I swear she probably burns more calories than she takes in just eating as she is in constant motion. The only time I have seen her sit completely still for over an hour was at the circus (although she does surprisingly well on an airplane...Thank God because we travel a lot). So now that she has her new haircut she will be asking everybody she sees "Do you like my haircut?".
Adoption Update
Hannah will not be getting a little sister from China. We are dropping out of the China program. We are done playing games with the communist Chinese government. They are really messing with so many families with their stupid politics. I also fear for many adoption agencies that will be put out of business (ours included as they have a huge number of families pursuing China). We really want to go where there is a need and right now that is Ethiopia. We know this is where God is calling us. Since Hannah knew she was getting a little sister she would talk about China everyday. "Mama are we getting on a plane to get my little sister in China?" About a year ago that all changed she quit talking about China. She kept saying "we are going to Africa". The first time I heard that I was like how does a 2 yr. know about Africa. About a month ago she said to me "Mama I want a little sister from Africa". So we are now pursuing an adoption from Africa. Please keep this next adoption in your prayers.

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Kowalczyk said...

So, I just LOVE her hair. She looks more and more like U everyday! I'm depressed, we have NOT heard if we are moving to Yankton or not and it is driving me crazy?????? Pray I can withstand this looooong wait! Blessings from Mars! Nancy