Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Day at the Water Park

I think today was our hottest day yet this summer. Of course you know where you could have found Hannah and me. We were at the water park when it opened and I'm glad we were as it got very crowded by the time we left. Hannah such a little fish and not one bit worried about getting wet. Yesterday while we were at the WP she was playing with on of Ron's nurses granddaughters who had a little torpedo time toy that twirled to the bottom of the pool. Hannah was actually diving down to the bottom of the pool to collect the toy over and over and over. OK this is cool as we will have her snorkeling ASAP. She also loves to dive off the side of the pool.

Notice Hannah's skinned knees...from the water park

We are both getting soooo dark. Hannah tans very easily and that makes sense because her skin tone is tan to begin with. I on the other hand am very white with blond hair and should just burn like my husband. I don't burn (very rare for me to get burned) but tan very quickly so with all the time we are spending at the WP we may both look like Hannah's little sister from Africa by the end of the summer. Her more than me as her hair will still be black (with beautiful natural red highlights) and my will be nearly white from the sun (it gets lighter each day).
The photos are really not a good indication of how dark we really are...and if you could see my eyes they are really green (just like my mother's).
That's about it as we are headed out to supper and probably back to the WP with daddy as he is off after being on call all weekend.


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