Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun

We had fun at the water park again today. Daddy was able to join us as he has Tuesday afternoons off. It got very crowded as the temp was 90 so it was a good place to be. Ron went down the water slides a bunch of times. There is one slide that is like lightning speed (only takes about 9 seconds) that I don't find fun at all but Ron said after you do it a few times it starts to become fun...whatever.

The other exciting thing was we finally received our adoption packet for Ethiopia. So we can now get things rolling. We have to sign our agreement papers and send them back with our initial fee payment we will then be assigned our Family Coordinator and can begin collecting the items for our Dossier. I think this should go fairly fast as we have most of it done from our Dossier for China but I don't know how much will carry over.

We had fun last evening. We went to the castle at story book park to see a magic show. It was very entertaining. He is the son of one Ron's sister's H.S. friends. He is very good and has been doing magic for years even though I think he just graduated from H.S.

She was so cute sitting with all the kids. This girl loves children older than her so she fit right in.

She is raising her hand to be a volunteer for a trick.

Of course we had to have popcorn during the show.

After the show we just spent time enjoying the park.

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Kowalczyk said...

Out of all those kids Hannah was by far the cutest there! That is the best park where can I get one? How far is it from your home? Hopefully close with todays gas prices! Have a super day! Love ya. Mia and Nancy