Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Girl

This is my girl who loves to play dress up with my...delicates. Check out her arms...her princess gloves are knee highs. Look at those shoes and the socks she chose to go with them. She even chose a name for this whole get up....PJ Sparkles. Should I be worried????

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Nancy Lee said...

Love the fashionable gloves, I should try that on my next date? Who needs Jamaica with a tub like that? I'd never be out, ever! Still recovering from FOOD POISONING. I knew it wasn't the flu, but since Rich and I both are the only ones who ate something diffeent from our kids and got sick, yep, food poisoning. Thank God I'm feeling a wee bit better. I hope we can see you sometime soon, Mia keeps saying we're flying to SD. Perhaps Hannah and her really are talking on their cell phones? Have a super Saturday, love ya, Nancy Lee