Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Music, Music, Music!

I signed Hannah up for this class offered by our city Parks & Rec. dept. It is a six week class called Music, Music, Music! It is for kids ages 4-8 and kids have fun developing hand-eye coordination and valuable social skills while learning fundamental music characteristics such as rhythm, tempo and dynamics. She had her first class yesterday and she was the youngest but by far the most outgoing. I have to laugh when I read the class will help the children develop valuable "social skills". If you know my Hannah you know she doesn't need any help in this area. She walked into class went up to everyone and said "Hi my name is Hannah Wen Shu Rovang". She then proceeded to walk up to each mother and ask there name and their favorite color. When the instructor showed up I felt bad as she almost didn't have a chance. Hannah pretty much took over the class...she had her instructor following her directions from the get go...I am not kidding. Hannah started doing some dance moves that she made her instructor repeat after her. The instructor did finally find a window where she could actually begin class but Hannah kept her on a pretty tight leash. After a few minutes into class Hannah suggested they play "Duck, Duck, Goose" and guess what the poor instructor gave in and said they would play it at the end of class. Hannah had a blast at this class and I think the other mother's got a kick out of her. They did play "Duck, Duck, Goose when class was over, but Hannah was not done instructing the class. I'm not kidding this poor instructor didn't know how to end class. Hannah had them all on the floor following her commands. Had it not been so funny I would have wanted to crawl under the table. I was finally able to take control of my child and convince her that class was over. I am happy to say that we have not yet received a call saying we are not welcome back to the class.

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