Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Silly Girl

Can you find the photo where Hannah is doing her Gene Simmons (from Kiss...not a fan) impersonation?

Hope you enjoyed the silly photos of Hannah...she is an easy subject. Hilarious seems to be her middle names these days.
I have been cleaning out Hannah's closet's (what a girl she has more than one closet) these past few days trying to get ready to add an 11 yr. old to our house. I would have been more productive about putting all of Hannah's baby clothes into storage sooner had I known God wanted us to adopt an older child. I will share more in a later post on how we got redirected in our adoption of a second child. Oh, I know every mom goes through this when looking at their baby's clothes...It has been one big walk down memory lane. There were a few outfits that I will keep forever...all the silks from China and everything my mother made for Hannah.
The process also made me a little sad. It made me realize that I won't have any baby clothes or baby photos to share with our new daughter. I am still a little overwhelmed at this thought.
Just please keep us in your prayers as our family is going to be facing huge changes in the near future.

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