Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Next?

If you follow our blog and have questions to what happens next as far as us getting our beautiful girl. We now wait for a court date where somebody who has power of attorney for us in Ethiopia pleads our case. Once we pass court our daughter is officially ours. Currently court dates being assigned are in mid April. If you pass court on the first try you will usually travel within two weeks to get your child. Passing court on the first go around has really become difficult as of late. If you want to know why passing court is becoming more difficult please visit our agency's blog update AWAA.

I also want to share some comments about our daughter that I have received from my AWAA YG that have met her.

I remember that she and the girl she is with in the photo with our son were pretty tight. She was outgoing and smiling a lot. She did not seem shy and seemed to rally the little ones around. She started games in the courtyard with most of the school aged kids down to just above toddler age. (things like singing/clapping songs in a big circle with motions, etc - you get the picture) and seemed to us that she was one the little ones looked to for direction. The older girls were excited to show us where they slept - it seems to me there were 2 bunkbeds and the girls slept 2 to a mattress, so 8 girls in there. They seemed so happy with the arrangement since they were with their best friends! I loved it at Kids Care - a highlight of the trip for me. The kids were so happy and polite. When we handed things out, all of them, no matter the age, patiently waited until we got to them. The staff there were so loving and just precious to the kids. Our little guy had been so very clingy to me thus far and I watched the recognition and sense of calm come over him there - it was definitely a safe, comfortable, happy place for him after uncertainty and hunger and I don't know what else prior to that. I will always feel a connection to that place because of that. And your daughter was one that Elijah obviously loved even though he was there only 3 months. He was happy to have her carry him around. I think she'll love having a little sister.

Hubby & I agree....she is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!I will tell you....Hannah wanted us to bring home M*** sooooooo badly. Begging badly!!!We knew after praying as a family that God has a very special family just for M***!!!She has been loved & prayed over for a long time.I fell in love with her when we met her at Kids Care. Hannah wanted me to tell you that she is such a happy joyful spirited girl :))))We are so happy for the Rovang family!!!!!!!!!!

We are happy too,

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Nancy Lee said...

Praying for blessings to overflow like African honey! love you, nancy lee